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Foot Pain

Megan (dr.) Jones Homeopath View profile

It sounds as though you are making a good effort to keep your feet in good condition. Standing all day does, however put great strain on the arches of your feet and this may cause discomfort at times. I take it that this is not a new position and that the pain you are experiencing is a new development. I don’t think it would be from detoxing due to the green tea. Detox symptoms are commonly short-lived and may include headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms and body aches etc. This sounds more like strain of the muscles and bones of the feet. I would look into a chiropractic assessment, or see a podiatrist and look into the possibility of insoles for your shoes as your feet may need added support in specific areas. From a homoeopathic perspective, a full case would be required and we would look into why you have recently developed this pain and explore other issues surrounding this. We do successfully treat musculoskeletal pain but if the cause is misalignment or collapsed arches, this needs to be handled concurrently by a chiropractor. Some practical tips include trying to move about as opposed to standing on one spot, even if it is just raising up and down, using your calf muscles. This will change the weight and pressure distribution on your feet and keep the blood moving back up to your heart for good circulation. Try to elevate your feet whenever you have a break, also to relieve pressure and aid circulation. Kind regards, Dr. Megan Jones, Registered Homoeopath

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