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Mni Rychol  - Cholesterol Lowering Formula

Rychol - Cholesterol Lowering Formula

MNI RyChol lowers elevated blood cholesterol and LDL levels with a combination of natural compounds, all of which have scientifically proven cholesterol lowering properties.

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Product Information

What does RyChol do?
RyChol is a botanical compound that helps lower your total cholesterol and LDL („bad‟ cholesterol) levels, thereby reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke.

What is cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a fat-like substance, naturally found in the bodies of all humans and animals. It has many important functions that are essential to the body and forms part of the basic structure of some hormones, all cell membranes and the insulation layer around nerves. Too much cholesterol, however, causes hardening of the arteries, a degenerative medical condition that leads to heart attacks and strokes. The good news is that by proactively managing your cholesterol levels, you can dramatically reduce your ... Read more »


TrimoStat™ (Contains Berberine) 60 mg, Red yeast rice extract 1000 mg, Coenzyme Q10 30 mg


Known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Liver disease. Pregnancy and lactation.


Cholesterol levels in mmol/dl
Above 5: take 2 tablets per day
Above 6: take 3 tablets per day
Above 7: take 4 tablets per day (Take with any meal as a single dosage)

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