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Bug-geroff Spray - Body Spray

Spray - Body Spray

an effective way of repelling insects.

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Product Information

BUGGER OFF SPRAYThis range of products was developed in the wildlife reserves of the South African Lowveld where effective insect repellents are essential. Formulated by professional chemists and produced by a renowned pharmaceutical company, BUG-GEROFF answers the need for an effective natural way of repelling insects.

It has the essential oils, Lanoline and Shea Butter that make it completely safe to use on sensitive skin and young children. The essential oils used are citronella, lemon, eucalyptus, geranium and lemon grass. These in themselves are effective insect repellents, a combination of which are used in all our products. However the main active ingredient used in BUGGER OFF is oil extracted from the ... Read more »

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