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The Real Thing Ester-c Combo - Tablets
The Real Thing

Ester-c Combo - Tablets

an immune boosting blend of Ester-C, organic kelp and rockweed, citrus bioflavonoids, spirulina and selenium.

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Product Information

The Real Thing Ester-C® Combo will take your immune system to the maximum. How? By delivering an optimal dose of five immune-enhancing ingredients, including an extra-potent form of vitamin C. It's an immune boost to the power of five.

WHAT'S IN THE REAL THING ESTER-C® COMBO? It's an immune-boosting innovation. A well-balanced bootcamp for your body's self-defense system. The five ingredients on the frontline have been handpicked for their immune-strengthening properties, and the cutting-edge commander of the team is Ester-C®, an extra-effective form of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. VITAMIN C WITH VOOMA. Ester-C® is a natural, esterified form of vitamin C that's more potent and bio available than vitamin C itself. ... Read more »

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