1.     STAND INSTEAD Sitting for a prolonged period of time causes almost as much harm to your body as smoking. Keeping healthy can begin with something as simple as choosing to stand instead of sit; it's not all about gyms and rigorous workouts. Try out a standing desk at work for a couple of hours each day or sit on the floor cross legged when you watch TV rather than slump on the couch. 2.     USE A PEDOMETER A Pedometer is a nifty gadget that counts your steps as you take them.  We know roughly 10,000 steps per day is the optimum amount for weight maintenance if you don't consume excess calories. Keeping track of your steps becomes a fun game and you'll find more excuses to walk around and gain more counts on your pedometer. Walk your 10,000 steps every day, and don't stress if you skip the gym. 3.     WALKING MEETING Finding an uninterrupted hour in the day to hit the gym can be really tricky, yet you find your day filling up with one hour meetings in no time. Why not have a 'walking meeting'? Take a walk around the office block while you brainstorm ' it will get the blood flowing and the brain working better and you'll squeeze in hours of exercise a day, effortlessly. 4.     DRINK ON THE JOB It's easy to forget about drinking water, especially on a busy day at work. We often don't feel we have the time to leave our desks and don't realise when we're getting dehydrated. Keep a brightly coloured water bottle on your desk in a visible place so you'll remember to drink it. Take a couple of sips, every hour and get up to fill the bottle when it's empty. 5.     SPRING CLEAN It's said that 30 minutes of vacuuming will burn about 100 calories. That's the same as a 15 minute intense cardio workout. Spending time on the weekends giving your home a good scrub from top to bottom not only keeps your house squeaky clean, but gives you a great workout, too. Everything from folding laundry and washing windows to mopping the floors is working out your body.

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