5 Heart Healthy benefits of Yoga

Yoga has many health benefits, but can it help your heart stay healthy? More and more evidence says 'yes':
1. Blood pressure:
Standing in a yoga posture for an extended period has shown to increase the heart rate. Any increase in the heart rate and getting it pumping is good for the heart as it helps keep the arteries elastic and flexible. This supports healthy blood flow and normal blood pressure. 2. Weight Management: Yoga helps one to lose weight and make the body more supple and toned. Being lean allows the heart to pump blood at a lower pressure, making it work less hard. 3. Depression and Anxiety: Yoga's principal focus is the breath. Focusing on the breath teaches people to breath longer, deeper breaths which improve the lung capacity and efficiency. Slowing the breath, in turn, slows the heart rate which reduces the body's ability to feel stressed 4. Insomnia: On-going regular physical activity has been proven to improve sleep. Yoga is both calming for the body and mind and including restorative postures before bed will help in all aspects of sleep. 5. Healthy Diet: The Journal of the American Dietetic Association reported a connection between a regular yoga practice and eating healthier. Yoga is believed to increase mindful eating: being aware of why you eat and when to stop. Curiously, no other type of physical activity produced the same conscious eating effects. The benefits of yoga go way beyond the heart. There are mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga that offer us a full and abundant life. Give yourself the gift of yoga and start today with a healthy heart programme.

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