6 Drinking habits to look out for

From gin to ginseng, smoothies to sodas, take note of your liquid intake, it might surprise you how many calories come from beverages. 
Here are some 'drinking habits' that may be keeping you from your weight loss goals.  GREEN ALERT  Green juices tick all the boxes when it comes to cleansing and nutrition but make sure you know what you've ordered. If it's all fruit juice without the fibre it could equate to a veritable sugar bomb. Some 'green' juices are just that, even though they might be qualified with a shot of wheat grass or spirulina. Remember it's the fibre in fruit that helps the body slow down the glycemic response.  TIP: RATHER THAN BUYING PRE-PACKAGED JUICE, MAKE YOUR OWN BLEND WITH A MAJORITY OF VEGETABLES ' ADD AN APPLE TO GIVE YOU A SWEET TASTE WITHOUT THE CALORIES.  NUTRI-BULLET gives you a blender juice. Blender juices have the benefit of fibre that cold-pressed juices are missing. GREEN DREAM This weight loss green drink uses apples so there's no need to use any type of sugar.  INGREDIENTS 2 SPINACH LEAVES 2 RED OR GREEN RIPE APPLES 1/2 CUCUMBER 2 CELERY STALKS  1/2 PEELED LEMON  1/2 PEELED LIME Juice or blend all the ingredients together in a juicer or a processor adding water if necessary.  WATER SHORTAGE Drink enough water. It's common to mistake thirst for hunger and be tempted to eat something rather than drink. That means you'll be taking in more calories than necessary. When you're well hydrated you're likely to perform better in your exercise session and go the extra mile. Most people don't drink enough water. Our bodies get used to being dehydrated, and try to run on less than they need. Even two percent dehydration impairs performance and stops you from getting the full benefit of your exercise routine. An added benefit of water is that it's an anti-oxidant - the hydrogen helps protect your cells from free radicals. LIFESTRAW  Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. OVERDOSING THE ALCOHOL  Alcohol is known for its high calorie content so if you're going to indulge, choose with discernment. 'The best choices are wine, champagne, or spirit with soda. Beer is last on the list as it's full of carbs and specifically affects people sensitive to gluten. It can cause an inflammatory response that leads to large fluctuations in weight, and bloating.  What's more, if you're after the buzz, you will have to drink more beer to get there. Alcohol has a way of lowering resistance to junk food. Any late night drinker will admit to craving slap chips or pizza. Research shows that alcohol has an effect on your brain chemistry and sets up cravings. The reason behind this hasn't been proven but it's possible the sugar in alcohol plays havoc with your blood sugar levels. NOT SO SMOOTHIE Ingredients like nut butters, seeds and coconut oil make it easy to get up to 1000 calories in a single drink. Measure your ingredients carefully.   TIP: ADD PROTEIN POWDER, IT FILLS YOU UP AND BALANCES YOUR GLYCEMIC RESPONSE ' HELPING PREVENT SUGAR SPIKES. ZERO CALORIE MISTAKE   Even though your label might say 'diet', or 'zero calories' these drinks can have an effect on the body that does the opposite of slimming you down.  Besides the taste buds in the mouth receptive to the sweet taste, we also have sweet taste receptors on the lining of the digestive tract. When stimulated, they produce insulin, which is a fat storing hormone. Even though the sugar is substituted it can still trigger a hormonal response. This means it's not really about the calories you take in but about how your body responds. Because diet drinks have an intense sweet taste, they contribute to re-setting your taste buds and you end up needing more to feel satisfied.  COFFEE CULPRIT  It's not so much the coffee but what we add to it that's calorie dense. Spoons of sugar, honey or sweetener, syrup flavourant, cream and dairy clocks up when you have more than a cup a day. One cup a day can provide a great boost and sharpen your mental capacity but more than two cups can tax your adrenals. Because coffee is a diuretic, too much of it can be dehydrating and make your body hold onto water. This isn't a great effect when you're wanting to lose weight.  HOSTESS IDEA  Take a packet of Wellness Organic Coffee to your next dinner party. It's a great gift that anyone will love.

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