8 Ways to Create a Love Nest

How do you create an environment that's conducive to love? We explore what you can do to turn your home into a love nest


British neuroscientists have created (in conjunction with a few musicians) what they believe is the most relaxing song in the world. It's eight minutes long and takes about five minutes to take effect. It's called Marconi Union ' Weightless, and you can find it easily on YouTube. Humans are complex beings, but there's also a universal simplicity to the way in which we react or respond to things. Of course, we all have triggers that can make or break a mood, like hearing a certain song on the radio ' but it's not the song itself that does it, it's all the memories of the different senses we experienced when we first heard the song. Communication is also complex and there are numerous subtle cues that we pick up on that cause different reactions. Just a look from the person you love can make a huge difference in your day.


Nurturing yourself first sends out a message that you are open to love. This isn't about being selfish ' it's about infusing yourself with love, filling up with love so that it spills over. One of the mistakes couples, and more often women, make is the belief that love is all about subservience and serving. There must be an element of caring of course, but caring and subservience are two different things. So, before you launch into creating a love nest, make sure that there are two people you're creating it for: yourself and your lover.


A quote from Kay Redfield Jameson from An Unquiet Mind says, 'Thank you for the weekend. They tell me it rained.' Imagine being so locked into a person that you miss the rain outside? Then consider what you would need to engage your senses so much that you are oblivious to everything else.

Touch: This is the most important sense and the first we develop in the womb. To create nurturing space, bring in tactile aspects that are soft, interesting and invigorating. For example, the rough feel of a coir carpet underfoot coupled with a silky soft blanket on a firm couch will already begin to stimulate touch. A massage is also a good expression of touch.

See: We use our eyes to not only see things but also to assess situations and decide what to focus on. Create a welcoming and sensual opening to your home ' something that's visually appealing. To stimulate relaxation and nurture, ensure the entrance and pathway through the house is clutter-free (that's not to say you need a minimalist decor style, just that whatever shouldn't be on a surface isn't there). For example a bunch of red roses in a blue vase (red is stimulating and blue is calming); is a pleasing sight to most people and also something that can act as a clue to the person entering; something to focus on. A Himalayan salt lamp, a bowl of crystals, some incense or a candle also works well.

Hear: The sound of a song can stir up all sorts of memories. Silence can also be a beautiful cue. Depending on what your daily noise levels are, you may prefer the sound of a birdsong over an opera or a rock song. However, it's important to have sound in your home ' and music can be uplifting to your soul. A meditation CD or chimes are two good options.

Taste: One of our most important senses, taste, especially when coupled with smell, tells us what is safe or unsafe to consume ' everyone is triggered by the smell of cookies baking. But, if you don't have food in the house, there won't be much to taste, so stock up on favourites pantry items that can be turned into a delicious snack or meal. This is also part of nurturing yourself ' ensuring you always have enough on hand. Raw cacao is the perfect love ingredient. Sprouts, growing in a jar, is also a nurturing feature.

Smell: Taste and smell are intricately linked, but there are numerous smells that can enhance your mood that doesn't have anything to do with food. Here are a few:

  • Rose ' dubbed the essential oil of love, the rose has long been the go-to smell for enhancing romance and self-esteem
  • Ylang Ylang is considered an aphrodisiac because of its calming and relaxing properties
  • Clary Sage promotes euphoria and feelings of wellbeing and because of that, it's used as an aphrodisiac
  • Jasmine produces feelings of optimism, euphoria and confidence.
  • Add these fragrances to an aroma burner, or put them into a carrier oil for a sensual massage.

The sixth sense:

This isn't about mind reading, it's more metaphysical and those subtle signs you pick up but don't even notice you've retained the information. One of the ways to bring love energy into your home is the use of crystals. Here's a list you can use for a specific purpose:

  • Self-love ' Rose quartz
  • Empathy ' Moonstone
  • Forgiveness ' Prehnite
  • Acceptance ' Charoite
  • Trust ' Amansonite
  • Tolerance ' Chrysocolla
  • Compassion ' Aventurine
  • Generosity ' Jade
  • Loyalty - Amber


Using all your senses, (including some common sense), can help you create a love nest that will be hard to leave. Make sure you have all the supplies necessary to keep you in your loved-up space all weekend. This includes keeping your energy levels up with good, wholesome food. The other aspect that humans need in order to feel relaxed and nurtured, is nature. Include living plants or an outside space in your love nest. Get used to creating a loving nurturing atmosphere and make it a habit. Keep room diffusers in the house, play music regularly, have a stock of candles and look into 'good mood' supplements if you need an extra boost.


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