A few things you didn't know about... Fitness supplements

  1. Taking a protein powder alone won't build muscle. The body uses protein to rebuild muscle after a workout ' that's what makes muscles grow. You need to work your muscles and get enough protein if you want to buff up.
  2. Amino acids aren't protein. They're the building blocks of protein. Different amino acids, taken  alone, do different things. As a rule, leucine and valine help promote muscle growth, while glutamine helps give your body energy.
  3. Choose your supplement based on your needs. Some, like whey, are designed to help you build muscle. Creatine supplements, for example, are designed to help you with energy. 
  4. There are vegan options. If you're vegan and looking to supplement consider a powder that combines different plant proteins to make up a good balance of amino acids your body can use to build and repair muscle.
  5. Choose quality. Once you've chosen the right fitness supplement for your needs, take the time to do a little research and make sure you're getting supplements with the best possible ingredients so that they do the most for you. When in doubt, ask a specialist.

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