Aromatic Eye Pillows - Assorted

Credit: from R18 per month


  • 100% natural flax seeds
  • 100% natural cotton cover


This extra long and extra wide and aromatic eye pillow applies very slight pressure and warm sensation while blocking out the light relaxing muscles around the eyes and calming the mind. Modern lives are built on excessive use of computers and constant stress and pressures at the office. An eye pillow can be applied during or after a day at the office to reduce the effects of eyestrain, computer vision syndrome or help induce an afternoon power nap. It is also very effective in the final relaxation pose at the end of the yoga practice. It is lightly scented with soothing lavender, for enhanced calming effects. Designs vary, please request available colour upon ordering


?Place over the eyes for relaxation. Can be cooled in the fridge to provide relief for tired eyes.

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