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  1. Sleep Solutions
    Sleep Solutions
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Sound sleep is one of the most important factors contributing to our overall wellbeing. Yet more than half the world’s adult population reports not getting enough of it. We guide you through some well- and lesser-known ways to get the shut-eye you’ve always dreamed of…

    While sleep requirements vary slightly from person to person, most healthy adults need between seven and nine hours per night to function at their best.

  2. Chilled Out Children
    Chilled Out Children
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Mindfulness is becoming common practice in schools across the globe, with studies reporting reduced stress and enhanced mental performance as a result. Over 5 000 UK teachers have been trained in the teaching of mindfulness, and 2017 saw the roll-out of a mindfulness curriculum in numerous schools across the US. There is no doubt this approach can benefit South African children, too – particularly in light of the unique set of challenges with which many are faced, both at school and at home.

    Mindfulness is a calm state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment while gently acknowledging and accepting one’s thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations without judgment.

  3. Summer Editor's Choice
    Summer Editor's Choice
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Simple steps to getting your life organised, healthy and empowered is the best place to start.

  4. Felling Inspired With Ballet
    Felling Inspired With Ballet
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Cape Town professional ballerina Laura Bosenberg is a principal dancer in the Cape Town City Ballet and the perfect person to inspire a fit and flexible body.

  5. Naturally You
    Naturally You
    by Wellness Warehouse

    There are numerous buzz words within the natural beauty realm – from nutraceuticals to botanicals – we guide you on how to ensure you’re doing the very best for your skin and beauty.

  6. Naturally Occurring
    Naturally Occurring
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Kitchen cosmetics can be highly effective when used on the body, and so can simple flowers and plants. Looking at some of the beauty rituals hailing from Greece, we see ample use of olive oil and honey as well as herbs and some fruits. Greek inhabitants were very in tune with beauty and anti-ageing practices, always looking for ways to improve their appearance.

  7. We Love
    We Love
    by Wellness Warehouse
  8. The 5 - Day Green Juice Challenge
    The 5 - Day Green Juice Challenge
    by Wellness Warehouse

    It’s all the rage right now, and we tried it to see if there’s good reason why so many people are opting for just juice to optimise health, detoxify and make fundamental changes to their bodies.

  9. 10 Superfoods For Radiant Wellbeing
    10 Superfoods For Radiant Wellbeing
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Whether you’d like to boost your immunity, increase your energy, elevate your mood or simply make a delicious smoothie, we’ve got a superfood for you.

  10. All About Collagen
    All About Collagen
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Lately there is so much to talk about collagen and it’s benefits for skin and joints, we thought we would unpack exactly what collagen is, where you get it from and why we should be having more of it.

  11. Sante Wellness Retreat & Spa
    Sante Wellness Retreat & Spa
    by Wellness Warehouse

    A stone’s throw from Cape Town, the charming winelands town of Paarl is home to a new wellbeing destination that’s already delighting locals and visitors alike.

  12. Yoga Retreat
    Yoga Retreat
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Yoga Retreat with Roxy Louw.

Items 37-48 of 1294