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  1. Move from the Heart
    Move from the Heart
    by Wellness Warehouse

    We ask a personal trainer and motivational speaker how to make exercise truly enjoyable.

  2. Join The Clean Fitness Revolution
    Join The Clean Fitness Revolution
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Conventional sports supplements can contain artificial ingredients and unhealthy fillers, without any scientifically backed actives. Switch to cleaner supplementation with natural strength and endurance boosters.

  3. 30-Minute Full-Body Home Workout
    30-Minute Full-Body Home Workout
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Strapped for time or cash, or just feel like getting home after a long day at the office? You can do a great total-body workout in just half an hour in the comfort of your living room – no equipment required!

    When starting out, do each of the exercises for 40 seconds. After you’ve built up some strength, increase this to 50 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds between each exercise. Remember to start with a five-minute warm-up of your choice, and end the sequence with five minutes of gentle stretching.

  4. 11 Reasons to Choose Clean Protein
    11 Reasons to Choose Clean Protein
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Do you really know what's in your protein powder? 

  5. About That Bod by Skye Forrester
    About That Bod by Skye Forrester
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Understanding you are all that is, ever was, and ever will be, eliminates the feeling of separation, which creates space for natural communion with your true identity.
  6. Rocking Some Adrenalin
    Rocking Some Adrenalin
    by Wellness Warehouse

    'It's not the rock we conquer, but ourselves. Imagine feeling unstoppable and exhilarated beyond anything you have ever known. Having the drive, enthusiasm and resilience to overcome extreme fear and achieve whatever you want,' says an avid rock climber who admits to being addicted to the adrenalin-fuelled sport.

  7. Wild Thing - by Lara Potgieter
    Wild Thing - by Lara Potgieter
    by Wellness Warehouse
    You've perfected your discipline at Ashtanga, worked up a sweat at Bikram, harnessed your energy at Kundalini and found your Zen at Yin. What could possibly be next? We round up ten lesser-known yoga styles that may surprise even the most seasoned practitioners.
  8. Gathering Groupies - by Kirsten Alexander
    Gathering Groupies - by Kirsten Alexander
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Everyone knows that exercise is fabulously good for overall health, but did you know that exercising with others has even more benefits?
  9. Shin Dig - by Kirsten Alexander
    Shin Dig - by Kirsten Alexander
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Whether it's a dull ache or a shooting pain up the front of your lower leg, anyone who has experienced shin splints can tell you that it isn't just about a bit of discomfort. It should be taken seriously, too. Although shin splints is one of the most common running injuries, the condition is also preventable. The medical term for shin splints is medial tibial stress syndrome, and it occurs along your tibia, which connects to other muscles, tendons and bone tissue to help you move around.

  10. Shrug It Off
    Shrug It Off
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Anyone who's had a frozen shoulder knows how stubborn and resistant the condition can be. Often lasting for a few years with little relief, it's a debilitating disorder that's been described as idiopathic ' it appears to arrive from nowhere and no one seems to know why. We look at the alternative approach of treating the physical ailment with emotional healing.
  11. Hot & Happening
    Hot & Happening
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Looking and feeling cool and confident during and after exercising is not only possible but will motivate your workout. We share some hair, makeup and wardrobe tips to get you there.
  12. Powered by Plants - Gary te Roller
    Powered by Plants - Gary te Roller
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Plant-based health coach, endurance athlete and our September cover model Gary te Roller is passionate about helping people nourish their bodies and move toward their maximum potential. The picture of health, he certainly walks the talk. We uncover the secrets behind his success.
  13. Mind Over Muscle - by Kirsten Alexander
    Mind Over Muscle - by Kirsten Alexander
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Is true strength really all in the mind? From the ancients to modern day body builders, it appears there's something in it.
  14. Cover Model - Candice Bodington
    Cover Model - Candice Bodington
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Cover model Candice Bodington shares her favourite recipe, describes her wellness journey, and throws in a few lifestyle tips.
  15. Qigong
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Some ancient practices have stood the test of science and time and have proven to hold immense mind-body benefits in our world today. Qigong is just one of those practices. We unpack the healing benefits of this early practise and how you can incorporate Qigong in your daily life. 
  16. Moving On - by Kirsten Alexander
    Moving On - by Kirsten Alexander
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Fitness fads the world over have drastically changed in the last century; ranging from simple stretches in 1910 to high energy aerobic workouts in 1980, and lately to integrated and creative methods of fitness training like bungee dancing and skateboard Pilates.
  17. Agility Training
    Agility Training
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Being able to jump up  at any moment, easily get up from sitting on the floor or simply move your body more effectively is one of the aims of agility training.
  18. Fit By Forty
    Fit By Forty
    by Wellness Warehouse

    When last did you set yourself a target, aim for a goal or resolve to do something that really challenges you? Being in a comfort zone sometimes creeps up on us and we discover we're going in a direction we hadn't necessarily planned. An amazing antidote is a dose of self-evaluation and scrutiny, and a challenge to match. That's exactly what Iron Man participant and Wellness Warehouse co-founder, Sean Gomes decided when he signed up for the Iron Man 70.3 challenge.

  19. 8 Natural Ways To Fix Stiff, Creaky & Sore Joints
    8 Natural Ways To Fix Stiff, Creaky & Sore Joints
    by Wellness Warehouse
    DID YOU KNOW? Most of the prescription medicines for achey joints like ibuprofen, naproxen, and other anti-inflammatory medicines can be harsh on your body, affecting your liver and stomach. Adapting your lifestyle and taking harm-free measures might be a better long term strategy or may greatly limit the amount of medication you need. If you are taking medication, check with your health advisor or doctor before taking additional herbal options. 
  20. Which Whey to go?
    Which Whey to go?
    by Wellness Warehouse
    We look at the different options and attributes of this muscle growing protein.
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Posture plays a major role in your overall health. More so than many of us think. We speak to Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner Andri Hanekom about the bio-mechanics of the body and improving posture.
  22. Meet James Duigan
    Meet James Duigan
    by Wellness Warehouse
    We were lucky to catch up with James Duigan, world-renowned wellness guru and owner of Bodyism, London's premier health and fitness facility, on his new book tour in Cape Town. James is one of the World's top personal trainers with A-list clients like Elle McPherson, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Lara Stone and Hugh Grant. Cheryl Stevens gets the low down on all matters to do with lifestyle and healthy living.
    by Wellness Warehouse
    It's easy to eat a bowl of sprouts all on their own if you have a delicious dressing to go with them. Here are three winning recipes for salad dressing you can use on your sprouts or even on sweet potatoes, noodles, rice or grains.
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Keeping your work-out exciting and motivating might mean adding a bit of variation. Here are some of the trends shared by top fitness pro's.
  25. FINDING FLEXIBILITY by Cheryl Stevens
    FINDING FLEXIBILITY by Cheryl Stevens
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Lack of flexibility for most of us today is a reality with the lifestyles we lead. With the amount of sitting we do in our cars, sitting in front of the TV and the lack of exercise ' this all contributes to shortened stiffer muscles. Tight hamstrings pull the pelvis out of alignment and create pressure on the lower back. Tight muscles reduce the range of motion in the body and make the body feel stressed and heavy. Tension in the muscles also effects circulation of blood to the whole body. Flexibility is one of the first things to go as our bodies enter adulthood and we continue to age.
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Smartly timed snacks will optimize your body's fat-burning and muscle building capabilities. Eat the right things and you'll make fuel-ready energy to feel at your peak. Rather than any big meals before working out, have a snack at least an hour beforehand. Yogis recommend not eating at least two hours before. It does also depend on how much you eat and whether you are hungry.
  27. ENERGY MENU by Cheryl Stevens
    ENERGY MENU by Cheryl Stevens
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Do you crash every night onto the sofa exhausted and brain dead? If all day energy is wishful thinking, your eating habits and food choices may need a review.
    by Wellness Warehouse
    During holiday season friends and family often pop in without much notice. Oftentimes, they're hungry too. Keep your grocery shelf filled with quick meal-friendly supplies to whip up delicious snacks without having to dash off to the shops. Here are some hard working ingredients we love to hoard.
  29. 5 Best foods to eat before a cycle race
    5 Best foods to eat before a cycle race
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Choose easy, quick high energy foods before any long endurance race. Some of them will surprise you!
  30. A Sandy Affair
    A Sandy Affair
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Every day, I thank my lucky stars that I have been blessed with a five year old son, with an abundance of energy. He is so spirited and energetic, that I often become exhausted just watching him. The only time the thought of throwing in the towel ever crosses my mind, is when it's a gorgeous day, and the beach has our names written all over it. So yesterday, that is exactly where we took ourselves.
  31. Exercising With A Dvd
    Exercising With A Dvd
    by Wellness Warehouse
    I've been curious about yoga for sometime, so I decided to buy a Yogazone power yoga DVD and try it...
  32. Don't Forget To Exercise When Dieting!
    Don't Forget To Exercise When Dieting!
    by Wellness Warehouse
    A diet alone is only going to get you so far; it won't be long until your weight/health hits a plateau, and the same goes for an exercise regime with no diet to follow. Here are some points to remember when embarking on a weight-loss program this year...
  33. Family Fitness
    Family Fitness
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Get the family buy-in on one early morning a week and vow to do something different every time. Swimming lengths on a summer morning, a yoga DVD class on a rainy day, a hula hoop competition
  34. Omega-3s For Eye Health
    Omega-3s For Eye Health
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Women who eat fish rich in omega-3s at least once a week may decrease their risk of age-related macular degeneration'.
  35. Jump For Joy
    Jump For Joy
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Use the power of your own body to generate endorphins. Exercise is the ultimate happiness booster, especially when it involves periodic high energy movement. Increased oxygen moving through the body flushes out toxins and energises the cells creating a natural high.
  36. It's Cool To Be Hot - My Yoga Story
    It's Cool To Be Hot - My Yoga Story
    by Wellness Warehouse
    My love, and at times slight obsession, with yoga started very late. So late that my mother, a yoga teacher for decades, had surely given up on me.....
  37. High On Running - My Story
    High On Running - My Story
    by Wellness Warehouse
    In less than four months I'd transformed myself from the girl whose only regular exercise was walking to the refrigerator, to the girl who ran 21km comfortably. Running had become more than just a hobby. It became an integral part of my identity.....
  38. Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy  - By Jane Hart, Md
    Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy - By Jane Hart, Md
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Yoga may help ease the pain and discomfort of childbirth according to a new study in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, which found that pregnant women who practiced yoga for ten weeks had less pain and more comfort during labor.
  39. Running Etiquette
    Running Etiquette
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Here is my short list of things that runners should avoid doing...
  40. Cool, Calm, Connected
    Cool, Calm, Connected
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Deep breathing is known to be calming; it deepens respiratory patterns and reduces the pulse by 10 to 15 percent.
  41. Exercise Can Make You High
    Exercise Can Make You High
    by Wellness Warehouse
    'Bliss' is not something that can be bought or possessed. We cannot earn bliss or acquire it ' we can only open our hearts and allow ourselves to experience it.
  42. Head For The Beach
    Head For The Beach
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Staying on track with a good exercise routine during the holidays can be challenging. Social engagements, family commitments, year-end parties and hectic holiday schedules add a dose of stress and often, an extended waistline.
  43. Fitness Fantastic
    Fitness Fantastic
    by Wellness Warehouse
    January is a perfect time to start afresh, look at our habits ' good and bad, and do some re-assessment. Sharni Quinn advises taking a close look at your exercise regime and seeing how you can get into a training routine that works for you.
  44. Cycle Fever
    Cycle Fever
    by Wellness Warehouse
    What better way to build strength and concentration than getting outdoors and onto your bike?

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