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Set Ascending Direction
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Challenges in life are inevitable, but they don’t always have to yield negative emotional consequences. Instead, theycan be reframed as positive experiences - especially for children. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure, challenges and even trauma. 

  2. Fuel for Young Champions
    Fuel for Young Champions
    by Wellness Warehouse
  3. Khayelitsha Kindness
    Khayelitsha Kindness
    by Wellness Warehouse

    In 2008, thousands of diseased, starving, injured, neglected and abused animals lived and died in Khayelitsha. Tamsin Nel, Founder and Director of the SA Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust (SA MAST), joined forces with a small team to vow that this would not be allowed to continue. 

  4. Khayelitsha Kindness
    Khayelitsha Kindness
    by Wellness Warehouse

    In 2008, thousands of diseased, starving, injured, neglected and abused animals lived and died in Khayelitsha. Tamsin Nel, Founder and Director of the SA Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust(SA MAST), joined forces with a small team to vow that this would not be allowed to continue.

  5. A Message from the Heart
    A Message from the Heart
    by Wellness Warehouse
    As 2018 draws to a close and we prepare for the festive break, we're presented with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the year that's been. 
  6. Navigating Heartbreak
    Navigating Heartbreak
    by Wellness Warehouse

    All humans desire to love and be loved, so when a love bond is broken, it often carries immense pain and can have devastating effects on the body and psyche. Navigating heartbreak can be made easier with some sound advice and understanding.

  7. Exploring Tantric Tradition by Skye Forrester
    Exploring Tantric Tradition by Skye Forrester
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Before we delve into the exquisitely brain-bending world of Tantra, let's address its most pressing myth: Tantra isn't all about sex; except when it is. The idea that this ancient spiritual practice is drenched in obscenities, not fit for mixed company, or designed to make you a master of the boudoir is a fairly recent, 20th century idea born, ironically, in the conservative West. The more accurate view of Tantra is that it's an ancient Eastern spiritual tradition of principles, rituals and techniques for cultivating a full and conscious life. 

    We speak to Tantric teachers, Akira Devi and Sy Tzu, about sex, ego, energy and the incredible power of Tantra. 

  8. Growing Gratitude - by Lara Potgieter
    Growing Gratitude - by Lara Potgieter
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Grateful adults are happier, more optimistic, have better social connections, and are more satisfied in all areas of their lives. The same applies to children, who can be inspired to make gratitude a way of life through a number of conscious parenting attitudes and activities.
  9. 5 Fertility Fixes
    5 Fertility Fixes
    by Wellness Warehouse
    If you're thinking of having a baby, add some fertility boosting herbs to help you along the way.
  10. SHAPING YOUR FAMILY by Georgina Vintin
    SHAPING YOUR FAMILY by Georgina Vintin
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Every family has habits, and traditions or rituals that influence and govern behaviour and inclinations. Some of these might be healthy (a monthly hike up Lion's Head) and some not so healthy (after dinner sugar laden desserts).
  11. Once Upon a Time by Skye Forrester
    Once Upon a Time by Skye Forrester
    by Wellness Warehouse
    An ancient tale Storytelling predates the written word. Every society and culture from the beginning of time has a tradition of storytelling. Ancient storytellers were very important people ' they were the custodians of culture, legend and history. Other than keeping an account of the past, storytellers also created explanations for natural phenomena ' such as what lightning was or why drought occurred. Many myths have been created in this way, using the art of storytelling to impart lessons and share concepts.
  12. 3 Steps to Affirmative Thinking
    3 Steps to Affirmative Thinking
    by Wellness Warehouse
    We are what we think. This simple but powerful dictum summarizes the importance of affirmations. Affirmations are fundamental to the work we do at Earthchild Project teaching vulnerable children in under-resourced communities. Childhood can be a stressful and frightening experience in any household, and many of the children we work with face additional challenges including violence, substance abuse and poverty. The absence of a nurturing environment can impact on a child's self-confidence, as well as their ability to learn and grow.
    by Wellness Warehouse

    On some level an adaptive adolescent brain can be seen as an exquisitely sensitive, highly adaptable creature wired almost perfectly to move from the safety of home into the wide open world outside.

  14. PICKLES & PREGNANCY by Skye Forrester
    PICKLES & PREGNANCY by Skye Forrester
    by Wellness Warehouse

    Your gut is the starting point of your immune system and contains a plethora of nutrients, bacteria and sometimes pathogens.

    by Wellness Warehouse
    Feelings give you energy. Be in touch with them, express them and you'll feel more energetic.
  16. FROM SCREEN TO GREEN by Kirsten Alexander
    FROM SCREEN TO GREEN by Kirsten Alexander
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Get your kids off their screens and into the wild. Here are ten ways to inspire your little ones to enjoy going outdoors.
  17. HUGS & HAPPINESS by Georgina Vintin
    HUGS & HAPPINESS by Georgina Vintin
    by Wellness Warehouse

    We all want the best for our children and work hard at achieving this. Clients often ask advice about how they can make their children happy and confident. Of course, choosing the right schooling that suits your child is important, but the biggest influence on a child's life and who they become as adults is their parents and wider family relationships. Use positive parenting skills to bring about a balanced and happy growing experience.

  18. Keeping the Connection
    Keeping the Connection
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Just what are the keys to a happily-ever-after? Long-term relationships take work, but it doesn't have to be hard.
  19. HOME-SCHOOLING by Kirsten Alexander
    HOME-SCHOOLING by Kirsten Alexander
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Every parent wants the very best for their child, and education that leads to a good life is top of the list. But what if the schools available just aren't good enough? Or what if your lifestyle finds you living on a yacht, out in the hills or travelling frequently? Is homeschooling a viable option?
  20. Family Vision
    Family Vision
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Set up a New Year project you can do with your kids. It's a great way for them to learn about goal setting and will also stimulate them creatively. Being intentional is a practice that benefits from constant reminding and updating. Get each member of the family to do this together; you'll be surprised at what you learn about each other. 
  21. Go with the Flow
    Go with the Flow
    by Wellness Warehouse
    In both body and mind, women are cyclical. Being aware of the different qualities and sensibilities associated with the different cycles and synchronising with them can bring greater wellbeing, sustainable energy, inner harmony and better time management.
  22. Healthy Food for Healthy Babies
    Healthy Food for Healthy Babies
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Fast acting carbohydrates, sugar, preservatives and many additives in food can have concerning detrimental effects on children. But often we have no idea that foods we presume are good for us, are filled with additives. Monique le Roux Forslund, author of Healthy Food for a Healthy Baby (Struik Lifestyle) offers some guidelines to ensure kids get the best start in life.
    by Wellness Warehouse
    The Earthchild Project teach a wonderful practice to children that's pertinent and relevant to anyone. It includes finding a 'sit-spot' and tuning in... Earthchild explains.
  24. Naturally Calm Kids
    Naturally Calm Kids
    by Wellness Warehouse
    With the hectic pace of the world, many children struggle to stay in a calm zone. By helping your children cultivate a sense of calm at an early age, you'll not only be a happier parent, but you'll be laying an important foundation as they grow older. Here are 15 ways to introduce more peace and calm into your children's lives. 
  25. The single mom
    The single mom
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Raising a child as a single mom or with a disengaged man is one of the greatest challenges a woman can ever face.
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Turn your holiday activities into wellness incentives and bring some fun filled goodness to the family. Here are 4 suggestions to keep kids engaged and give them an interest in wellbeing practices.
  27. My gluten-free family
    My gluten-free family
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Cheryl Stevens spent 10 years trying to find out what was making her son ill. From the age of five he'd suffered from a constant runny nose, persistent headaches, and a severe postnasal drip. When she finally discovered food allergies were the culprit, she began what turned out to be a life-changing journey.
  28. The Neurochemistry of Success
    The Neurochemistry of Success
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Most studies on the brain look at the cognitive learning side - aspects like memory, recall, logic and reasoning. But, there is another side that involes consciousness. A growing body of interesting research and 'enlightened' studies are serving to understand the brains crucial role in creating our reality. 
  29. IMAGO Relationship Therapy
    IMAGO Relationship Therapy
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Imago relationship therapy is making huge strides in healing and repairing relationships. Couples who thought they had no chance in recovering their relationships are finding a way to communicate and resolve hurts and disputes. We speak to an Imago relationship counselor about the intricacies of relating. 
  30. NATURAL FERTILITY by Kirsten Alexander
    NATURAL FERTILITY by Kirsten Alexander
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Being in tune with our bodies, following the moon and noticing daily body changes can determine our fertility days. Here's how to do it.
    by Wellness Warehouse
    In control or under control?
  32. Learning compassion
    Learning compassion
    by Wellness Warehouse
    While just about every parent aspires to teach their children great life lessons, it's also important to understand just what the results of those life lessons need to be. 
    by Wellness Warehouse
    How do you create an environment that's conducive to love? We explore what you can do to turn your home into a love nest
    by Wellness Warehouse
    A new interactive digital game allows players to become an avatar of their choice and act out as a character in an interactive novel, making either risky or safe lifestyle choices while dating and socialising ' virtually, that is. SwaziYolo is the brainchild of Bhekumusa Lukhele from Swaziland, a PhD candidate in medical science at the Kyoto University, Japan who developed it as part of HIV/AIDS education and prevention.
  35. FAMILY MATTERS by Georgina Vintin
    FAMILY MATTERS by Georgina Vintin
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Running a family is a bit like running a business, there's a lot of admin and structure to put in place. We've put together a list of constructive things you can do to feel more organized and secure. We also look at security from an emotional point of view. Get all your family affairs in order and double check the connection and communication in your family ' see if it has a healthy basis.
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Traditionally, Western babies are fed pretty flavourless plain food. Research shows that this isn't necessary and seasonings and spices will benefit early development. Breast milk is not necessarily bland either ' it takes on the flavours of the food the mother eats. If you've just had a curry, your breast fed baby will be tasting something similar. Once you move your baby onto solids, feel free to add rosemary in with your gem squash, put paprika on your chicken and mix parsley in with your sweet potatoes. Even spicier options like ginger are good. Here are some excellent food choices with suggestions for added flavour.
  37. Reading to kids
    Reading to kids
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Add more reading time into your child's life. You don't necessarily have to sit down and read to them; here are some tips to increase your kids literary skills through reading - especially if they are too restless to stay still.
  38. Kids and Creativity
    Kids and Creativity
    by Wellness Warehouse
    All children love to create art and make things. In younger children, playing with arts and crafts inspires creativity while helping them to focus their mind and complete a set task. Older children can begin to gain an understanding of artistic and design skills that may affect their future educational choices.
  39. The wellness guide to eco babies
    The wellness guide to eco babies
    by Wellness Warehouse
    One of the best ways to lay a foundation for your children's lasting health is to limit their exposure to chemicals in their environment and to go green, natural, and organic wherever possible.
  40. Yoga Baby!
    Yoga Baby!
    by Wellness Warehouse
    A happy baby doing the Happy Baby pose? When Hilaria Baldwin (yoga teacher and wife of Alec) posted a picture of herself doing the yoga position with her little one on Instagram this January moms across the world exhaled a collective sigh of '#Looooooove'. Yoga for baby and moms has since started exploding in popularity. So what's behind the craze? And is it safe?
  41. The allergy-free lunchbox
    The allergy-free lunchbox
    by Wellness Warehouse
    Packing an exciting and nutritious lunchbox for your little ones every day can be a challenge at best. But when they have food allergies and intolerances, finding healthy snacks can be a really hard task. Wellness Warehouse's dietitian Melissa Gomes is on hand to help.
  42. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome
    Foetal Alcohol Syndrome
    by Wellness Warehouse
    For years, it's been known that an excess of alcohol during pregnancy will almost certainly lead to foetal alcohol syndrome, which causes facial and nervous system abnormalities and growth problems. There is no cure for foetal alcohol syndrome.
    by Wellness Warehouse
  44. Temper Tantrums
    Temper Tantrums
    by Wellness Warehouse
    While tantrums are a good argument for birth control, they're essentially a biological response to anger and frustration, just the same as a yawn is a biological response to being sleepy.

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Set Ascending Direction