Ask Our Wellness Consultant: Alopecia

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I have a condition called Alopecia, whereby my immune system attacks my hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. I am not on any chronic medication, but I am currently taking biotin, salmon omega-3 and vitamin D. Is there anything else that you can recommend to help me manage my condition? 


You are definitely doing the right thing by taking biotin, omega-3 and vitamin D as these will all provide wonderful support for your body in the management of Alopecia. Here are a few more things that may help...

Areas to focus on when you have an auto-immune condition: 

  • Support gut health with gut-healing foods and probiotics for a normal and healthy immune response. 
  • Support the detoxification of toxins with green foods and grass juices (such as wheatgrass and barley grass juice).
  • Douse the flames of inflammation by eating alkalising fruits and vegetables while minimising the consumption of refined carbs and sugars.
  • Manage stress with meditation, breathing techniques and other holistic health practices.

Consider adding the following supplements to your regime:

  • Zinc and Probiotics

These help to support the immune system and heal the gut in order to promote a normal immune response.

  • Quercetin and Turmeric 

These act as anti-inflammatories and antioxidants and work to regulate an overactive immune system

  • Clean Protein

Clean protein is essential in the growth of strong, healthy hair. We recommend products from Nature’s NutritionWazoogles and Vibrant Health as all of these brands combine good amounts of clean protein with superfoods, green juices, anti-inflammatories and/or probiotics.

A fantastic all-in-one product for you to try would be Maximum Vibrance from Vibrant Health.

You can also check out this article on Alopecia from Dr Axe, as well as this piece on the role of toxins in auto-immune conditions and what you can do to help your body.

We always recommend that supplements should not replace wholesome nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, so do take time to have a proper look at your diet, as well as lifestyle factors such as stress management, exercise and your sleeping habits. 

“Wellness Warehouse strives to help you live life well but because we are retailers and not medical practitioners we cannot offer medical advice. Please always consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements, complementary medicines or have any health concerns and ensure that you always read labels, warnings and directions carefully, prior to consumption.”