Eco Yoga Mat Lime Green ea

by Asoka
Credit: from R57 per month


  • Good for you, great for the planet
  • 6mm cushion
  • 72' l x 24' w x 6mm h


Asoka Eco Yoga Mat provides you with excellent cushion and grip during your practice. This ultra-hygienic yoga mat is made using eco-friendly materials, so you can rest assured you're living in harmony with the planet while getting in tune with your mind and body. The materials used are free of PVC, latex and other toxic materials. They are fully biodegradable and recyclable. Perfect for yoga or pilates practice, these double-sided textured mats are tough and durable, with a little cushioning for comfort, and a super-strong non-slip grip for safety.


Not suitable for bikram/hot yoga.


To clean your mat, wipe with a cloth dipped in a mixture of warm water a little mild detergent. follow by wiping with a clean damp cloth to remove the detergent and then towel dry. leave to air dry before rolling or using. do not put your mat into a washing machine or tumble dryer. To extend the life of your eco mat, avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight exposure. New mats will typically be slightly slippery and have a less grip; this will improve with regular use. The break-in period normally takes 2 - 3 weeks of regular use (more than once a week). You can speed up the break-in process by wiping down your mat regularly with a mixture of mild detergent and warm water, and letting it dry thoroughly before the next use.

Dietary Summary

  • Biodegradable

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