Tested over thousands of years, Ayurveda offers healing principles filled with wisdom. Learn about the primal qualities identified by Ayurveda and use this as a way to see your life more clearly.
DID YOU KNOW? Ayurveda is the most ancient and complete, scientific, natural holistic system of health care known to man. It is based on the fact that man is part of nature and the laws that govern nature are the very same laws that govern the functioning of man. Rajen Coppan Ancient Secrets of Modern Health Ayurveda (the science of life) has a whole system of intelligent guidance to inform a healthy lifestyle. Its practice involves non-invasive and natural methods of correcting imbalances and healing the body. According to Medical Doctor and Ayurvedic specialist Rajen Coppan one of the fundamentals is to live life in balance. A life lived out of balance and outside the laws of nature creates disparity in the body-mind and after time, when unattended, this imbalance becomes disease. This means incorporating all aspects of existence from the spiritual, the mind, to the senses and the body. What we allow to filter into our minds has a definite impact on our state of being and our bodies. Without a spiritual practice we can suffer from a lack of purpose. In terms of the body, we can greatly benefit from practising preventative measures and being proactive about our health. Emotions are also key; we can decide to choose how we feel and the way we react to life's circumstance. Learning about the 3 gunas (primal qualities) is a way to remain mindful and focused on wellness. According to Ayurveda, nature has 3 primal qualities that determine spiritual growth. These are known as gunas and are called sattva, rajas and tamas. In every desire, every activity, interaction, food and thought it's interesting to note which qualities are most prevalent. SATTVA Sattva represents intelligence and virtue and brings about balance and stability. It is light and has an inward and upward motion awakening the soul. Sattva provides happiness and contentment of a lasting nature. It is the principle of clarity, wideness and peace, the force of love that unites all things together with purity and harmony. It associations are with the colour white; with daytime; and with heaven or peace. Activities like prayer, altruism, selfless acts of kindness, self-care, compassion, cooking with intention, wisdom and contemplation are Sattvic. RAJAS Rajas causes imbalance. It has motivation and looks for an end that offers power. It has an outward and self-seeking action that creates fragmented energy and disintegration. Even though it appears to offer stimulation and pleasure initially, it's not lasting fulfilment and leads to suffering. It is the negative side of passion that causes conflict. Rajas is associated with the colour red; with action and passion; with sunrise or sunset; and with storms. Things like horror movies, pornography, too much television, obsession, unhealthy co-dependency, bad language, gossip, negativity, preservatives, junk food and imitation perfumes and smells are rajasic. Replace these with a steady flow of good thoughts, meditation, wholesome food and nature. TAMAS Tamas is heavy, dull and stagnant. Its action is inertia, obstruction and/or delusion. Represented by a downward motion it closely holds onto ignorance and insensitivity. Lack of awareness and unconsciousness or loss of awareness is typified by Tamas. Tamas is associated with black, darkness and delusion; with nighttime; with negativity; with gravity and inertia. Feelings like boredom, negativity, and apathy, activities that are self-defeating, dishonest, deceptive, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and laziness are all tamasic. To transform tamasic energy it's helpful to imagine the element of fire. It requires movement and change and a way to release deep-seated patterns. Bringing in a new sense of the self, reframing old ideas, and breaking with the past is helpful. Outwardly this might require changing jobs, changing relationships or moving house.

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