Boiron Homeoplasmine 40g

by Boiron
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  • Homeopathic skin irritation support
  • Anti-inflammatory & anti-septic
  • Emollient and protective


According to homeopathic literature, the ingredients of Homeoplasmine support the treatment of skin irritations where soothing, healing, emollient management and protection is required, such as rash, small wounds, abrasions, burns and nasal irritations. Homeoplasmine contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, protective and cicatrising properties ' a complete formula with multiple uses that can be used by adults and children from the age of two and a half years.


Calendula officinalis MT 0.1g, Phytolacca decanda MT 0.3 g, Bryonia dioica MT 0.1 g, Benzo' MT 0.1 g, Boric Acid 4.0 g, Excipient: Vaseline to 100 g


For external use only. Keep out of eyes and ears. Due to the presence of boric acid, this medicine must not be used in prolonged or repeated applications, on injured skin (in particular burned skin), over a large area under occlusion, particularly in young children. In case of doubt, ask your practitioner. Do not use on breasts when breastfeeding. Do not use in infants younger than 30 months.


One to three applications per day thinly applied.

Dietary Summary

  • Alcohol Free

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