Chia porridge with almond or hemp milk, cinnamon and honey INGREDIENTS 3 Tbsp Chia seeds Water Almond or hemp milk Ground cinnamon Honey White mulberries METHOD Chia seeds are rich in omega-3s, making this a perfect brain-food breakfast. Cover the chia seeds in water and allow them to soak up the water for five minutes. From here, it's time to get creative and dress your chia porridge in any number of ways. Take your soaked chia seeds and cover with almond or hemp milk. Make hemp milk by blending ' C hemp seeds with 1 C water and ' tsp honey to sweeten. Pour over the soaked chia and top with cinnamon, honey and white mulberries. Supreme superfood chia porridge INGREDIENTS 3 T Chia Meal nut or seed milk of your choice drizzle with raw honey or coconut nectar, if desired Chia Meal is a Superfood Mix that was inspired by the breakfast made for ourselves every morning. Chia Meal contains the power of the following 8 SUPERFOODS: Omega-rich chia seeds and hemp seeds, creamy lucuma, naturally sweet mesquite, adaptogenic maca, energising cacao, delicious white mulberries and vitamin C rich goji super-berries. All the ingredients have been combined in perfect ratio to deliver maximum nutrition with delicious flavour, quicly and easily. Combine ingredients together and enjoy a Superfood breakfast of Kings! Time-saving tip: Pre-prepare your chia gel. Chia gel keeps well in the fridge for up to a week. Take 1 C chia and cover with 4 C water. Allow it to soak and become a gel. Store in a 1 litre glass jar in the fridge and use by the spoonful as required. Recipes provided from 'The Magic of Superfoods' by Peter & Beryn Daniel DID YOU KNOW? You can feed chia seeds to your pets too. They thrive on it. I feed Chia seeds to my horses. The good oils keep them healthy and make their coats shiny and lavish.

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