Pegasus Calming - 30c 25g

by Pegasus
Credit: from R15 per month


is a general calmative that helps to take the edge off stressful situations, allowing one to focus and cope.


This remedy is useful when giving speeches, writing exams or before performances and in hyperactivity. It may also be used for more severe anxiety e.g. panic attacks. This remedy is non-habit forming, won’t cause drowsiness and is safe for use in children.

Classical homeopathy traditionally uses single remedies that are specific to certain symptoms. This makes it very difficult for the lay person to know which single remedy should be used, without the intervention of a trained homeopath. The Pegasus remedies are homeopathic complexes, combining the common remedies for each ailment into one remedy to provide effective treatment. Our aim is make this gentle system of healing more accessible to the lay person by making it easy-to-use.


Avena sativa 30c; Chamomilla 30c; Kali phosphoricum 30c; Lupulus humulus 6c; Passiflora incarnata 30c; Scutellaria lateriflora 30c; Sumbul 30c; Valeriana officinalis 30c

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