Cancer Without Chemo

Receiving a cancer diagnosis slams into you, forging immediate thoughts of death, pain and loss. Although the risk of dying from cancer, if it's diagnosed early enough, isn't as high as it was some 30 years ago, there's still a long journey ahead that conventionally involves aggressive and dangerous treatment.
Receiving a cancer diagnosis slams into you, forging immediate thoughts of death, pain and loss. Although the risk of dying from cancer, if it’s diagnosed early enough, isn’t as high as it was some 30 years ago, there’s still a long journey ahead that conventionally involves aggressive and dangerous treatment.

Because of cancer’s insidious growth pattern, there’s always an urgency attached to diagnosis, pushing sufferers to make quick decisions about complicated treatment options. What if there was another option? What if chemotherapy, with its dreadful side-effects that last long past the cancer has been eradicated, didn’t have to be the be-all-and-end-all of cancer treatments?

More and more integrative medical professionals are now saying that’s actually the case. Chemotherapy, while it does have its place in certain circumstances, doesn’t have to be the only course of action to be taken after diagnosis.

It’s not that conventional medicine is a con; it’s just that it generally doesn’t embrace other options. Most people who have been diagnosed with cancer are given only one option. The long-term side-effects of cancer treatments, such as weakened heart and higher risk of heart attack from radiation are often pushed aside because of the desire for a quick fix. Studies have shown that cancer cells can actually go away on their own – in a study on women who did or didn’t have regular mammograms, researchers found that some women actually had malignant lumps that went away without any treatment at all. That’s not to say you can bury your head in the ground and hope it’ll go away, but it does mean you may not have to undergo the urgent and highly toxic treatment offered by most modern doctors. Get a second opinion. Speak to an integrative doctor who is willing to really examine you as an individual and will walk a journey to wellness with you.

Author Dr Janey Little experienced the horror of cancer when her mother died 14 years ago. After trying everything that conventional medicine had to offer, Dr Little embarked on a journey of research and exploration of a wide range of different approaches to cancer treatment. Motivated by the well-known fact that conventional chemotherapy has a true success rate of only 2%, she was encouraged and inspired by the body’s ability and willingness to respond to a healing approach that’s designed to respect and align with the body’s own wisdom, while reversing the primary cause of the disease. Dr Little has designed a 7-Step approach to healing yourself from cancer, briefly outlined here.

Sickness and disease are an indication that your body’s immune system has become overwhelmed or overburdened, either from bad lifestyle habits, poor dietary choices or toxic thoughts. Dr Little believes that if you re-awaken and optimise the functioning of your inner doctor, your body can heal from anything – including cancer, at any stage. The process includes building up your immune system from the foundations up, by starting with cleansing protocols.

Nutrition is a major key in good health. This step includes tapping in to your body’s unique circadian rhythm to optimise absorption and digestion. Coupled with a dietary plan that includes nutrient-rich food, this will also boost your general health.

After boosting your immune system and building up your overall health with a good dietary plan, the detoxification programme steps into high gear, helping you rid your body of all the toxins, pollutants and disease-causing chemicals we pick up from the environment. Also, when your body isn’t working optimally, its ability to eliminate toxins is diminished. Good detoxification, which includes the removal of heavy metals, allows for better flow of oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

Once detoxification is complete, it’s important to avoid additional toxins – this is an educational step, allowing you to learn about the seemingly innocuous daily habits that actually lead you towards toxic danger.

Simple lifestyle changes that include reducing stress levels are easily made, and for the most part, very enjoyable. These are nature’s healing gifts accessible to everyone, at any time. Additionally, numerous supplements have been shown to reduce cancer cell growth and kill off cancer cells. A personalised supplementation protocol should be designed for you, depending on your unique set of circumstances and diagnosis. However, it’s important to note that supplements alone won’t ensure the cancer stays away – lifestyle changes are imperative to keep your health optimised.

The power of the mind should never be underestimated. Dr Little proposes that once you are aware of the true nature of cancer, the ins and outs, whys and wherefores, you’ll have a much better handle on how to cope with the diagnosis and most likely will be less fearful of it. That said, emotional states are intricately linked to physical states and so cleansing and healing the mind is also a vital step in gaining good health. Dr Little’s book, You Can Heal Yourself from Cancer Now! offers more in-depth advice and systems on how you can deal with this disease, naturally and effectively.

did you know?
There are numerous natural therapies and treatments available for cancer. However, many people are unaware of the myriad options open to them. One example is Gerson Therapy, developed by Dr Max Gerson in the 1920s which focuses on using detoxification, organic food, juicing and supplements – this therapy was based on the tenet that you can heal yourself and was used successfully to treat a number of diseases, including cancer.

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