English Garden Candle

Credit: from R20 per month


  • Luxury scented candle
  • With soft floral notes of peony and rose
  • Burns for more than 50 hours


Soft floral notes of peony, rose, carnations and lily of the valley blend with musky scents of sandalwood and moss bringing to mind the beauty of a country garden. Poured by hand using a sensuous blend of the finest wax and high quality fragrance oils, this candle will fill your home with its lingering aroma and burn for more than 50 hours


Natural wax blend, fragrance.


Remove packaging. Place on stable heat resistant level surface away from flammable materials and draughts, out of reach of children and pets. Keep wax pool free of debris. Never extinguish with liquid. Only move when extinguished and wax is cool. Never leave unattended while burning. Keep away from direct sunlight or source of heat.


Ideally burn candle for at least 1.5 hours and less than 4 hours before trimming the wick. Let wax solidify. Maintain wick to a maximum of 6mm, trimming before re-lighting.

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