Chocolate Brain Food

Commercial chocolates use trans fats, dairy and sugar. When you make your own chocolate using quality superfoods you are creating high-end nutrition paired with cacao - the food of the gods! This is a recipe for a basic raw chocolate and you can use your own creativity to play with endless flavour variations. Have fun!
?200 g cacao paste 100 g cacao butter 1/4 C coconut oil 1/4 C coconut blossom nectar
1. Melt the cacao paste, cacao butter and coconut oil by using a bowl or pot suspended over another pot containing hot water ' not on direct heat. 2. Put the melted liquid into your power blender. Add the coconut blossom nectar and blend on low speed. All the ingredients can be mixed through by hand if you do not have a power blender. 3. Add flavouring and superfoods of your choice and pour into chocolate moulds or ice trays and allow to set in the fridge. Here are some great flavour combinations you could experiment with (remember to only use organic essential oils): Rose geranium oil and goji: Add 1 drop of rose geranium essential oil and a handful of gojis. Mint and spirulina: Add 1 drop of mint essential oil and 1 t spirulina powder and all you will taste is the mint ' not a hint of spirulina! Maca and vanilla: Add 1 T maca and 1 t vanilla extract. Lucuma and orange: Add 1 T lucuma powder and 1 drop of orange essential oil. You could also add: Mesquite Mulberries ' place these in the chocolate moulds before you pour in the liquid chocolate Cacao nibs ' place these in the chocolate moulds before you pour in the liquid chocolate Ginger essential oil Salt (choose a healthy version ' Himalayan, desert or sea salt)

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