We ask our in-store Wellness Consultants for their advice on addressing chronic pain.

Pain is an unpleasant experience associated with real or potential damage to the body. It usually serves as a signal that tissues are being damaged, and that the sufferer needs to move away from the painful stimulus as quickly as possible. It also urges rest and recovery to allow healing to take place.

There are two main types of pain. If it does not outlast its cause - such as a burn or cut - it is referred to as acute pain and serves an important warning function. However, if it outlasts the initial injury and healing process, it is referred to as chronic and can become debilitating and difficult to treat.

Chronic pain may have a cause that cannot be removed, such as cancer or malfunctioning nerve cells. It can involve hyperalgesia (increased sensitivity to painful stimuli), allodynia (pain caused by stimuli which would not normally be painful) and spontaneous pain with no obvious cause. There is no one prescribed protocol for addressing pain, and when I encounter a customer facing this challenge in his or her daily life, I focus on the individual - investigating the different pain pathways and disorders, as well as the issue of referred pain. The good news is that there are a number of natural solutions that can help significantly, and at Wellness we are committed to helping people find the best fit for their needs.


Naturopath and Wellness Warehouse Menlyn Maine Store Manager

Pain is classified as chronic if it lasts for more than 12 weeks. It can be sharp or dull and cause a burning or aching sensation in the affected region. The heat you feel in the area is caused by inflammation – the body’s reaction to a cellular injury that leads to damaged tissue. It’s so easy to pop painkillers in the face of chronic pain. But these only suppress – rather than address – the root of the problem.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) refers to qi (ch’i) - the life energy that flows through us. When pain and inflammation occur, it is believed that there is a stagnation where the qi or energy is not flowing, and that we need to bring the body back to a state of balance – primarily by cleaning out the liver and kidneys.

One TCM remedy formulated to cleanse the blood and kidneys is Replenish Essence from Chinaherb. Add Sfera’s Milk Thistle and Dandelion to further assist in cleaning the liver, and the

Metagenics EPA-DHA 720 Omega 3 for the long-term relief of pain and inflammation. You can also make your own herbal ‘golden milk’ with turmeric, ginger, all spice and ashwagandha. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, ginger is anti-spasmodic, all spice may assist with circulation and pain relief, and ashwagandha is the Ayurvedic root popularly used to heal tissue damage.


Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Warehouse Woodlands Store Manager

In 2013 I underwent a shoulder operation, after many failed treatment interventions that included physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory and cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory medication.

Two months after the operation, the pain was still unbearable. I went to a different doctor for a second opinion, and the x-rays he ran showed further damage, this time to the neck. He suggested another operation, but I refused.

When I started working at Wellness Warehouse, I got to know a product by the name of Bio-Curcumin. I did some research on it and was very impressed by what I read. I started using it myself and was amazed by its effects. I experienced real relief for the first time in three years and would recommend it to anyone struggling with chronic pain and inflammation. It’s also great for headaches, migraines, period pain and back pain. I’ll never take another (allopathic) painkiller!



Wellness Consultant Wellness Warehouse Helderberg

“Wellness Warehouse strives to help you live life well but because we are retailers and not medical practitioners we cannot offer medical advice. Please always consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements, complementary medicines or have any health concerns and ensure that you always read labels, warnings and directions carefully, prior to consumption.”