Brita Classic Filter Cartridges

by Brita
Credit: from R17 per month


The Brita Classic cartridge reduces limescale, chlorine and impurities. The result is cleaner, clearer great tasting hot and cold drinks.


Furthermore it reduces certain heavy metals (like copper and lead) and certain pesticides (like diurone). Organic impurities are also reduced. The result is cleaner, clearer, great tasting water for hot and cold drinks, and for delicious food. You will also have less limescale build up in your domestic appliances. Prepare the cartridge using the following process: 1. Remove packaging from cartridge. 2. Fill basin/sink with cold water. 3. Immerse cartridge under water and vigorously shake from side to side for 10 seconds. (you will notice small bubbles rising to the surface of the water from the cartridge). 4. When the bubbles have stopped, remove the cartridge from basin/jug and place in the system. 5. Filter 2 - 3 batches of water through the system to remove any carbon dust from the cartridge (carbon dust can become dislodged during transit).

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