Coffee with Clout

?With everything artisanal and organic these days, from beer to baby-grows, it's no surprise that coffee has been given a makeover. While science says that coffee beans are a superfood in their own right, craft coffee makers are now also adding new and exciting health options to coffee some of them balance the effects of caffeine and others add a bit more alkaline to make it healthier.
Mushrooms: while that may not sound too tasty, it's nothing that your imagination can conjur but is proving to be fabulously tasty and filled with health-giving properties such as metabolism support, immune system strengthening and productivity enhancement. Moonbean coffee offers a wonderful mix that includes mushrooms ' it's certified organic direct fair trade coffee that contains wildcrafted chaga mushrooms, and lots of certified organic ingredients like raw cacao powder, cinnamon, maca root, turmeric and lucuma. Rice bran solubles: imagine being able to reduce your cholesterol with a cup of java? Well, rice bran solubles added to your coffee actually offers a beautifully creamy texture to the drink, and has superfood accolades. Cardamom: this is the secret ingredient in great Turkish coffee, but it's also a good health kicker. Use ground spice (if you do have cardamom oil, just use the tiniest bit on the tip of a toothpick for your entire pot of coffee 'it's really strong). Cayenne pepper: a great kicker for your morning coffee that also reduces acidity. Butter: it's a tried and tested addition to your coffee and either you love it or hate it. The trick, however, is to use a high speed blender to mix it all up. And while you're at it, add a bit of coconut oil to the mix. Tea: even though it might sound like you're trying to get it all in one, you can get even more flavour out of your preferred brew by dipping in a tea bag. Use green tea for the added health benefits. Vanilla: while there are numerous vanilla coffee blends on the market, adding a drop or two of real vanilla essence helps to boost mood and mental performance. Turmeric: a lovely spicy addition that's a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Ginger: not your usual coffee additive, but it's an interesting taste and of course, ginger is fantastic for easing stomach pain. Mint: such a versatile herb, mint also tastes fantastic in coffee. Adding a few fresh leaves will keep your sweet cravings at bay. Tip: Brew your coffee with crushed eggs shells; the calcium reduces the acidity of coffee (works with a French press or drip method).

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