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Set Ascending Direction
    We couldn't think of anyone more appropriate to feature on our February cover than Dr Leila Sadien and being our Valentine issue we were delighted to have her partner, the talented designer Yaaseen Kader featured with her. Dr Leila is a remarkable woman, not only has she qualified as a medical doctor but she has an integrated approach to healing that incorporates all aspects of body, mind and soul. She's also not a sissy when it comes to aesthetic medicine, something she speaks about with passion and ease. When I asked Leila what attracted her to healing and medicine as a career she answered, 'It was in my bones, I'm a healer by nature and couldn't have escaped if I tried.'
  2. 5 Relationship Fixes by Cheryl Stevens
    5 Relationship Fixes by Cheryl Stevens
    Love is in the air and romance is on the menu for February. If you are not feeling very romantic and choosing a Valentines activity seems more of a chore than a desire, then perhaps you need to take a deeper look at your relationship. Here are 5 useful relationship guidelines to start with.
  3. Fitness Holiday by Kirsten Alexander
    Fitness Holiday by Kirsten Alexander
    Choosing a holiday with an  opportunity to be active will boost your fitness and leave you feeling restored and alive
  4. SPEAK EASY  by Kirsten Alexander
    SPEAK EASY by Kirsten Alexander
    Expressing emotion is a vital part of being human, but sometimes emotions get out of control, especially in children ' leading to over excitement, aggression or hysteria

    Bring your child in touch with the earth; with nature, gardens and with growing. Send them out into the garden or park with a host of challenges, discoveries, adventures and ideas and see them overcome with excitement and joy. Here are some ideas to begin their love of nature.

  6. Consciously Calm Communication by Dr. Layo Seriki
    Consciously Calm Communication by Dr. Layo Seriki
    DID YOU KNOW? As human beings, we cannot not communicate (This was the first of Paul Wazlawick's five axioms of communication (1967). Unless you are living in complete isolation from other human beings, you are communicating all the time, whether you want to or not. Words provide neutral data. Body language and tone of voice add information about attitude and emotion.
  7. Feel Good About Giving
    Feel Good About Giving
    The law of abundance involves tithing a certain amount of your energy on a monthly basis. This could be giving your time, resources or money to people that need it. Wellness Warehouse's charity of choice is the Goedgedacht 'Path out of Poverty' programme. If you feel compelled to join us in helping them, you can do this in many different ways. They have charity shops you can volunteer your services, donate goods to them or shop at.
  8. Life Long Nurture
    Life Long Nurture
    Pregnancy heralds the beginning of a journey of lifelong nurture. It also brings about some extraordinary changes in your body, affecting every part of you from hormones and emotions to physical shape and ability. Learn to nurture yourself along this journey by indulging your body and mind in a care-filled and healthy way
  9. Best For Baby
    Best For Baby
    Breast feeding isn't just the very best nature can offer for your baby, it's also good for you ' assisting in weight loss, reducing breast and ovarian cancer risk and further concreting the mom-baby bond.
  10. I Love Me
    I Love Me
    Setting your children up with a healthy sense of self isn't difficult, and it's an important factor to their future success and emotional wellbeing.
  11. The Go-go Child
    The Go-go Child
    It's not easy dealing with a hyperactive child ' but there are behavioral and natural treatments to slow the hyperactivity down.
  12. Let Mum Sleep
    Let Mum Sleep
    New parents often struggle to balance the all-consuming needs of a newborn with their own and have difficulty responding to them effectively with little time to recharge their own batteries.
  13. Mommy Matters Column
    Mommy Matters Column
    Yawn by Kathy Br'ggemann editor of
  14. Baby Naps & The Time Between By Meg Faure, Author Of Baby Sense
    Baby Naps & The Time Between By Meg Faure, Author Of Baby Sense
    Sleep is important for your little one because it is healing for his body and mind.
  15. Oh-lief
    Meet the two sisters behind this successful brand.
  16. Delicious Desire
    Delicious Desire
    For many people, the idea of Tantric sex conjures images of sexual marathons and almost acrobatic-type movement. But, it's far more spiritual and meaningful than that.
  17. Keeping Up  Appearances
    Keeping Up Appearances
    Little children are exquisite creatures, their soft skin, bright eyes, and dazzling smiles are irresistable.
  18. Touching On Teeth
    Touching On Teeth
    Teething can be a confusing time for parents as it's often difficult to know if baby is irritable from teething or something else. We look at gentle remedies to ease the symptoms and help baby stay comfortable through the teething period.
  19. Being Dad, Being Man
    Being Dad, Being Man
    Direction, learning and mentorship are much needed in the formation of healthy masculinity. Craig Wilkinson, author of Dad, the Power and Beauty of Authentic Fatherhood highlights the need for a revival among men and their perceptions of masculinity.
  20. The Road To Joy
    The Road To Joy
    I was browsing Pinterest and came across a poster that said: 'You haven't lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you'. This sentence stuck with me for months until I discovered what it was I felt compelled to do, something that changed my life.
  21. Home Birthing
    Home Birthing
    Imagine giving birth in your own home surrounded by smells you are familiar with, soft lighting, people you love and access to all the comforts you require.
  22. Family Constelation Therapy
    Family Constelation Therapy
    Human behaviour is a complex and often confusing subject ' how is it that two people brought up in the same family can turn out so differently? What motivates certain choices in life that lead to certain pathways? Everyone's family has some sort of skeleton in the closet, or some underlying issue that's either ignored or simply not mentioned ' and even if it's something that happened generations ago, it can still affect us today.

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Set Ascending Direction