Deep Breath, Here Comes A Massage

Situated in Craighall, Johannesburg set apart from the outside traffic and busy roads is a little escape, a retreat centre that, once through the gates, you feel like you are away in the country. This is an urban escape you don't have to travel very far to get to. Hands-on Retreat has a bubbling brook running through the property, has separate wooden massage cubicles and relaxation gazebos on the expansive grounds and a deck overlooking the gardens where some of the massages take place. Couples needing a romantic break, new mothers wanting to catch up on sleep, girlie sister circles and busy executives all converge here to reset and recuperate. It has a dining area serving meals, sleep-over accommodation and is available for quick pop in visits as well.
It's a surprising find in the busy city and has been a lifesaver for many needing a convenient place to rejuvenate. It's also the headquarters for a team of qualified 'masseurs on the move' travelling to offices and factories to deliver calming relief on neck and shoulder tension. Martina, the owner of the retreat encourages companies to give their staff on-site massage to relieve a busy day. One of the companies they worked with gave all their factory workers an on-site neck and shoulder massage, many of whom had never experienced a massage before. 'It's a much better option than handing out a branded water bottle or something people don't really need and it's very affordable when there are a lot of workers all in one place,' says Martina. The mobile team are all experienced masseurs and have a unique massage routine designed for 'over clothing' massage. Because it's often done in a work environment, there are no oils used and no clothing removed. Deep flowing movements work out stress, knots and tension. It's a highly beneficial wellbeing practice and something everyone should consider doing on a regular basis. It's also a way to boost immunity and help the body with its recuperative process. Companies that encourage their staff to proactively engage in more wellness practices, show noticeably lower absence rates. We love the idea of a massage that comes right to your doorstep. For information on Spa packages, sleepover retreats or mobile massage use the following contact details.

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