Flora Force Earcandles 2pk

Credit: from R10 per month


  • Available in pairs 
  • They contain Tea Tree and Sage essential oils


May help to improve hearing, reduce noise in the ears, improve lymphatic circulation, remove excess wax, regulate internal pressure, reduce discomfort in the sinuses or ears, relieve vertigo. As the candle burns, warm smoke is guided into the ear canal. A gentle vacuum pulls debris from inside the ear into the bottom part of the ear candle. (Much like how a chimney works). The heat generated by the ear candle may have soothing qualities and may act much like a fever would in cleansing the body. Fluids are drawn from the ears, sinuses and lymph glands. Blockages are reduced or eliminated, enhancing the natural cleansing process. Ingredients: 100% unbleached muslin and pure beeswax. Tea Tree oil and Salvia Officinalis.


two ear candles made of 100% cotton muslin and beeswax, infused with tea tree and sage, & a cardboard disc .


Do not use ear candles: After recent ear or nose surgery If you have grommets (ear tubes) If you have bleeding or discharge from your ears If you have impacted wax Be careful to extinguish your ear candle properly in the water once you have used it.


Use ear candles once every few months if you feel the need to clear your ears. You will need to get someone to help you use ear candles.

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