Eco Diva Nicole's natural fabric softener

Divalicious Nicole Sherwin is never short of a natural home or body care recipe. After speaking at an eco tips Wellness talk, Busi, one of our fabulous team members asked her for a DIY fabric softener recipe.
'I didn't have one at the time and Busi inspired me to create one. This is for you Busi,' says Nicole. Busi Fabric Softener Ingredients: 3 cups White Vinegar 1/4 cups Rubbing Alcohol (or vodka) 25 drops of Lavender or Lemongrass Essential Oil Directions:
  1. Simply put the ingredients into a glass jar or recycled fabric softener container, shake it up and you're ready to go.
  2. Just add '-' cup to your fabric softener dispenser in your washing machine the next time you do a load.
  3. It's as simple as that, and really works wonders.

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