Effective Altruism

If you would like to make a charitable contribution but are unsure where to start or how much of your money will actually be used to help those in need, Effective Altruism Funds (www.EffectiveAltruism.org ) is your answer to doing the most good you can.

Research has shown that there are vast disparities between the effectiveness of charities, making reputable evaluators invaluable resources.

Pioneered by young Oxford philosophers Toby Ord and Will McCaskill, Effective Altruism Funds rates charities using rational thinking and verifiable metrics, allowing you to donate more effectively through philanthropic funds managed by experts.

It operates like a mutual fund, but for maximising the effectiveness of your donations, rather than your investment returns.

The site allows you to choose how you want to split your donation across four funds: *Global Health and Development *Animal Welfare *Long-term Future *Effective Altruism Meta

You can make a single donation or set up a recurring payment which is automatically split according to your allocation.

Each fund will pool your money together with hundreds of other donations from the community, and the expert fund managers will find the highest-impact organisations to which to make the grants on your behalf.

Why donate in this way? *By drawing on the expertise of grant managers at trusted, highly-effective organisations, you can give with confidence that your donation will make a real difference. *By pooling your donations with those of the rest of the community, you can contribute towards opportunities that aren’t open to individual donors. *Your funds will be able to move fast and be as responsive as possible when new needs emerge, allowing for maximum leverage.

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