Felling Inspired With Ballet

Cape Town professional ballerina Laura Bosenberg is a principal dancer in the Cape Town City Ballet and the perfect person to inspire a fit and flexible body.

Beginning when she was only 4 years of age, Laura took dance classes and would go to the Cape Town Opera House to watch as much dance as she could. This is how her love affair with dance started. Throughout her childhood she had lessons and then after school she enrolled in the University of Cape Town’s School of Dance where she took classical ballet, contemporary dance, African dance, dance notation, music, dance history, pedagogy, choreography, Pilates, and theater skills. Her performances went from strength to strength and she won various awards including the Phyllis Spira Memorial Award and CTCP’s Most Outstanding Female Dancer of the Year in 2008. Laura runs a helpful blog detailing the life of a dancer and tips on how to overcome injuries. Contact her if you have any questions or log onto her website to read some interesting articles. [email protected] or www.laurabosenberg.com

“It’s not about comparing yourself to others or trying to be someone else! Look in the mirror, that is your competition! There’s NO reason why we can’t all encourage and help each other reach our goals.”


We tend to think of ballet classes as restricted to younger kids wearing tutus but lately there’s been a resurgent interest in adult ballet. Besides the enjoyment factor, here are some of the benefits.


With the all round movement and especially strengthening and lengthening ones, ballet isn’t restricted to just cardio. Barre work creates incredible strength. The more classes you do, the more you feel the effects. Being strong helps your movements become more fluid and also gives you more grace in your everyday movement.


Without noticing the effort, ballet takes you through some fairly rigorous cardio routines. Using music and the challenge of mastering the steps, it takes your mind away from the effort and you end up doing more cardio more easily.


Focusing on posture, lengthening and accuracy creates improved co ordination. Many of the barre exercises prepare you for the steps and make it easier to co ordinate. Ballet brings you back into your body and allows you a greater body awareness and connection.


Stretching is a key part of ballet, from ankles to elbows, almost every part of the body is engaged and stretched allowing greater movement range.


Being based on good posture, it’s a given that the practise lengthens the entire body. Many people agree that it’s easy to spot a ballet dancer by her posture. An improved posture also automatically improves body image, just another reason to do ballet.

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