Scrub away winter skin with gentle exfoliation options. We look at some of the best ingredients and recipes to restore silky smooth and flawless skin.
MANUKA MAGIC SCRUB Manuka honey has amazing anti-bacterial qualities. This scrub is particularly good if you are prone to infection. INGREDIENTS 1/2 CUP MANUKA HONEY 1/2 CUP BROWN SUGAR 1 TBSP OLIVE OR COCONUT OIL 1 DROP OF YOUR FAVORITE ESSENTIAL OIL (LAVENDER, JASMINE, ROSE, GERANIUM, BERGAMOT ARE ALL NICE) METHOD Mix everything together in a glass bowl. Use your fingers to scoop a small amount of the mixture from the bowl. Massage into your face in a small circular motion to make sure you are removing dead skin cells. Once you have covered your whole face, rinse with warm water and press dry with a warm face cloth. Use a moisturizer when finished. ADZUKI BEAN BLACKHEAD SCRUB Adzuki bean has a natural astringent action that helps draw out oils and blackhead causing bacteria. Use it in its raw state and your skin will feel soft and refreshed. INGREDIENTS 4 TABLESPOONS GROUND ADZUKI BEANS 3 TABLESPOONS BAKING SODA 4 DROPS OF LAVENDER OIL METHOD Add a little water and mix in the palm of your hand. Use in in gentle motions around your face. Leave it on for ten minutes if you can or wash off after application. RICE POWDER SENSTIVE SKIN SCRUB Rice powder removes dead cells while lemon juice refines the pores. INGREDIENTS JUICE FROM HALF A LEMON 2 X TEASPOONS OF ROSE WATER 1 X TEASPOON OF RICE POWDER METHOD Blend all ingredients together to form a thick paste. Spread the mixture all over your face and leave it for 5 minutes. Then wet your fingertips and start scrubbing in circular movements. Once you have covered your whole face a few times, leave the mixture on for a few more minutes, then rinse off well. did you know? Honey protects the body from bacteria. Some honey also stimulates production of healing cells that repair tissue damaged by infection. What's more, honey has an anti-inflammatory action that can reduce pain and inflammation.

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