The Earthchild Project teach a wonderful practice to children that's pertinent and relevant to anyone. It includes finding a 'sit-spot' and tuning in... Earthchild explains.
We believe children will not be inspired to care for the environment unless they first feel a deep love and connection to the earth. This can sometimes seem like an abstract concept and so it helps to have practical exercises to nurture this connection. The ancient American Indian tradition of finding a 'sit spot' is one example of a simple and yet very powerful way to do this.        What is a sit spot?  A Sit Spot is a place you can go to often, to spend time alone, quietly paying attention.  As Jon Young, founder of the Wilderness Awareness School says, 'Find one place that you get to know really, really well. This is the most important routine you can develop. Know it by day, know it by night; know it in the rain and in the snow, in the depth of winter and in the heat of the summer. Know the stars and where the four directions are in your spot. Know the birds that live there, know the trees they live in. Get to know these things as if they were your relatives, for, in time, you will come to know that they are!' How to choose your sit spot?  Find a place close to your home, where you feel safe, and that has some exposure to the natural world.  It could be a single tree, your back garden, your apartment balcony or part of your favourite mountain trail' the most important thing is choosing a place you will realistically go to, so convenience is key! 30 Day sit spot challenge Begin a regular 'Sit Spot' practice by committing 20 minutes a day in your chosen place for 30 days in a row.  Sit there quietly and simply pay attention' notice the exposure to the elements, the changing leaves, emerging blossoms, the length of the shadows and the surrounding plant and animal life.  Listen to the sounds, listen to your breath, listen to your heart. Through this simple practice you will reconnect to the rhythms and wisdom of the natural world' and come to know how those same rhythms and wisdom exist within you. The Earthchild Project is a local NGO who offer holistic education to under-resourced schools with a focus on the environment, health and self-development. Their aim is to give children practical skills for life and their programmes complement the school curriculum. Activities include gardening, worm farming, hiking, healthy living, yoga and meditation. They are currently working with over 2000 children, creating a new generation of conscious young leaders. For more information about the Earthchild Project: | [email protected] | 083 4099 185

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