If you think you don't have time to exercise, think again. Here's a heart pumping, endorphin releasing routine that only takes 10 minutes and will make your body feel it's alive. Besides that you'll be energized, boost your circulation and build some muscles. Use this on days when you can't get to your normal training routine, your hike or yoga class.
1. MARCH ON THE SPOT ' 60 SECS make it fast bringing your knees up horizontal to the ground and getting your opposite elbow to almost touch your knee. 2. SKIP ' 60 SECS grab a skipping rope, stay on your toes and jump as high or low as you like. 3. JUMPING JACK ' 60 SECS jump your feet out to the side and sweep your arms up over your head then jump feet back together and bring arms to your side. Keep repeating. 4. BUTT KICKS ' 60 SECS jump and bend one leg at the knee to get your ankle to kick your butt, jump straight onto the other side. At the same time bend elbows and pump arms together. 5. PLANK BICYCLE ' 60 SECS start off in plank position bend one knee forward towards your chest then back into plank, do the same with the other leg and keep repeating. 6. HIGH KICKS ' 60 SECS Think cabaret, kick alternate legs up as high as you can get them, go as fast as you can. 7. SIDE SQUATS ' 60 SECS Squat down as low as you can, stand up take a step to the left and squat down again. Repeat on the other side. 8. SIDE LUNGES ' 60 SECS Start off in standing position, raise your arms above your head. As you bring arms down lunge your left leg out to the side transfer your weight onto this leg and bend low. Your right leg will be stretched out straight to the side. Move back to centre and repeat on other side. 9. ARM CIRCLES ' 60 SECS Move both your arms at the same time in wide circles coming up the front of your body and down the back. 10. HIP CIRCLES ' 60 SECS Keeping your feet slightly apart move your hips in wide circles ' as far as you can to the left, the back, the right, front and repeat. DID YOU KNOW? If you have a desk job, getting up and walking around or climbing steps for 5 minutes every hour can burn up to 1,000 extra calories a week. This can help decrease fat tissue and help maintain or even lose weight. It's also extremely important to break up long periods of sitting.

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