Flora Force Blueiron Liquid Iron Fe3 250ml

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Thanks to the unique patented micro encapsulation process, Blueiron allows your body to absorb exactly the right amount it needs, without unwelcome side effects. -It is safe during pregnancy, -can be taken with other medication and food, -but is gentle enough to take on an empty stomach. As the iron in Blueiron is derived from an algae source it’s suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.


Blueiron Liquid Iron Fe3 is a new kind of iron supplement that maximises absorption without the unpleasant side effects that’s normally associated with iron products.

- derived from algae

- highly bio-available and fast-working

- encapsulated in a calcium polymer which protects it as it travels through the acidic stomach environment

- the polymer starts to dissolve in the more alkaline intestine, targeting release of iron exactly where the body needs it

- allows your body to absorb exactly the right amount it needs

- no unwelcome side effects like cramping and nausea

- safe during pregnancy

- suitable for children

- suitable for vegans and vegetarians

- can be taken with other medication and food

- gentle enough to be taken on an empty stomach.

Every bottle of Blueiron is packed with over 50 wild Nordic blueberries, harvested by hand in Finland. These special berries contain more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable. Their natural sweetness makes Blueiron taste good too!


250ml Blueiron Liquid Iron which contains: Ferric saccharate complex, Vit C, Vit E, Vit B12, Folic acid, Biotin, Zinc, Nordic Blueberry concentrate.


Don’t exceed daily dose.


Blueiron is easy and effective. It can be taken at any time, even on an empty stomach. The daily dose will provide your full RDA of iron, renewed energy, sharper focus and natural vitality. Adults daily dose: 10 ml Children daily dose: 11 - 18 years 10 ml 7 - 10 years 5 ml 3 - 6 years 2,5 ml

Dietary Summary

  • Preservative Free
  • No Additives
  • No Artificial Flavouring
  • No Artificial Colours
  • Suitable For Vegan

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