Go with the Flow

In both body and mind, women are cyclical. Being aware of the different qualities and sensibilities associated with the different cycles and synchronising with them can bring greater wellbeing, sustainable energy, inner harmony and better time management.
When looking at women's bodies in their oceanic rhythmical sense, low tide is when we are pre- menstrual and menstruating. High tide is the follicular and ovulatory phase.    LOW TIDE  frame of mind   PRE-MENSTRUAL  The pre-menstrual time of the low tide invites us to slow down and listen to our emotions. If you are feeling anger and irritation, you can use those emotions constructively to show you where or how you aren't taking care of your needs and boundaries.  Listening to your emotions and reflecting on them is a perfect opportunity to clarify your needs, re-define your boundaries and move out of reaction mode. It allows an opportunity to speak up from a place of self-respect and self-care. The ratio of estrogen and progesterone in this phase makes you notice things you didn't see before.  This is a good time to do administrative or detail driven work and organise your desk and files. Support your body by taking Vitamin B and Magnesium supplements to stave off sugar cravings. Make sure you eat enough complex carbohydrates to stabilise serotin and dopamine levels in the brain ' this will help prevent mood swings. MENSTRUAL Your menstrual phase invites you to slow down even more and plan your life to accommodate the intense process your body is involved with ' releasing the lining of your uterus.  Both Alisa Vitti, author of Woman Code and Christiane Northrup, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, emphasise the necessity for women to take time to replenish and recharge the body and psyche in this phase.   It's a time we can experience the deep receptivity and openness of the feminine.  Plan to have fewer social engagements and ask for support where you need it. Avoid driving yourself relentlessly. Have a hearty broth ready cooked and stored in the freezer for this stage. Pause for a few moments every day and let your eyes rest on something beautiful.  It's a time that asks us to be mindful of how we do things. I remember when I had to fly to Johannesburg for a very busy schedule of meetings. The trip coincided with my menstruation which at that time was very heavy. I asked my publisher to book me into a bed and breakfast with a beautiful garden. I kept all my meetings but chose to have them in the garden as a way of supporting my body and psyche. Similarly, someone from my Wise Cycle Mentorship course who was menstruating fairly heavily had a hectic business programme visiting multiple stores. She remembered that the strength of this phase is receptivity, and decided to listen deeply to her employees, gather their problems and address the issues when back at head office. Her trip was more successful and less exhausting than it would have been had she tried solving problems immediately in her usual driven way. Communication between the right and left brain is more active during this phase and you will be more in touch with intuitive or gut-messages. Be receptive to this wisdom. HIGH TIDE  frame of mind   In the follicular and ovulatory phase we are in high tide:  energetic, creative and social. It is a time to initiate projects, activate your imagination and manifest your plans. At this phase it's easy to form new neuro-connections in the brain so creativity flows easily. The ovaries are energetically the seat of our creativity and if you have any problems with your ovaries, ask yourself: Am I doing what I love? How is my creativity flowing?  Am I driving myself too hard? When you are ovulating it is an ideal time for connecting and for important conversations. So if you wish to ask your boss for a raise, wait until you are ovulating, it's sure to be a yes.  Embodied time management means doing what is appropriate for the energetic and hormonal tone of each phase. This  allows you to sustain your energy throughout the month and use the feminine wisdom that each phase brings. did you know? According to Alisa Vitti, author of Woman Code, there are 5 causes of hormonal problems in women: Interestingly, one of these is a lifestyle that works against the pattern of your menstrual cycle, the other one's are: Mismanaged blood sugar; Overextension of the adrenal glands; Congestion in the eliminatory pathways; and Separation from your feminine energy. Keriesa Botha  is a counsellor and life coach and teaches the Wise Cycle Mentorship  Course. This course guides women to live in harmony with their cycles and their feminine energy.  Her courses run over three weekends stretched over three months and involve peer learning, storytelling, process art, reflective writing, movement and Pyschophonetics. Contact Keriesa on email: [email protected]cali.co.za or  Cell: 084 608 1304

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