Goatie Goodness

You may be surprised to learn that more people throughout the world consume goats' milk than cows' milk! An estimated 65% of the global population drinks goats' milk ' a statistic that can likely be attributed to the fact that, in many places and cultures, it's quite common for a family to own a goat.That being said, it's taken some time for goats' milk to gain popularity in the West. The fact that it's finally taken off is largely due to its many health benefits.
A gentle alternative to cows' milk, goats' milk has a unique fat and protein composition that's naturally easy to digest. Smaller fat globules and relatively high amounts of short- and medium-chain fatty acids make it easier for the body to break down. In fact, goats' milk closely resembles human breast milk. Some research suggests that one of the main benefits of goats' milk is that it doesn't cause inflammation. This is a big reason why it's easier for people with bowel inflammation to drink goats' milk than cows' milk. Goats' milk also contains high levels of important nutrients, including vitamins A, D, B1, B2 and B12, calcium, phosphorous, magensium, zinc and iodine, proteins and fatty acids. A high concentration of nucleotides help support the immune system and cell growth. Where most cows' milk contains bovine growth hormones, goats are rarely given hormones. Because it's still on the fringes of big agriculture, goats' milk is less toxic to the human body. Aside from keeping your insides running smoothly, the fatty acids and triglycerides found in goats' milk also help you look great on the outside. The high level of vitamin A in goats' milk can help improve overall skin health and complexion and fight acne. The lactic acid in goats' milk also helps rid the body of dead skin cells and brightens skin tone.

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