Turn your holiday activities into wellness incentives and bring some fun filled goodness to the family. Here are 4 suggestions to keep kids engaged and give them an interest in wellbeing practices.
MAKE FANCY COCKTAILS Kids love to mimic grown-up's and making fancy cocktails out of superfood juices is a great way to instill excitement around drinking healthy beverages. Get a few skewer sticks, goji berries, dates, grapes, cherries and all the ingredients you need to make elaborate decorations. Cut up different variations of fruits and spike them on the top of your skewers. Allow the fruit to stick out the top of the glasses with the skewer inside. Chop up parsley, mint, lavender and lemon slices and use them to decorate the juices. Get them to shake their cocktails in smoothie shakers and serve them with all the trimmings. You can even colour some xylitol with food colouring and dip the edge of the glass in water then in xylitol to make it stick around the top of the glass. If you don't have a juicer make herb tea and cool it down. Sweeten it with healthy sweeteners like honey, stevia or maple syrup. Give the cocktails fancy names. IDENTIFY A SIGNATURE FRAGRANCE Get kids to smell the sample aromatherapy oils at your local wellness store and see which one they love the most. Having his or her own 'signature' fragrance will make your child feel special. Teach them how to use their oil by putting a few drops in the bath, on their pillow, in their school bag. Get them to learn the qualities of their chosen oil and see how it might relate to their personality. This will also give them an insight into the innate qualities that make up who they are. If each member of the family knows each other's special fragrance and knows the qualities of that fragrance it helps to bond and create understanding and consideration for each other. COLLECT INSPIRATION Collect inspirational sayings and slogans from magazines or print them out from online quote sites or pinterest. Cut them up and put them up around the house. Little prompts directed at family members tendencies or habits make a humorous encouragement towards positive change. A sibling that can't get out of bed in the morning may get a bedroom door full of slogans relating to sleep and early mornings. Positive sayings around the house will generate positive messaging and bring a feel-good vibe to the surroundings. Use this to teach kids to think positive thoughts. ODE TO THE EARTH Go outside into the garden or to the nearest park and use props from the natural elements to create an art piece. Leaves, acorns, bark, stones and flowers can be put into a mobile and hung from a tree. Flat stones can be stacked in piles and arranged in interesting patterns. Acorns can be placed side by side forming interesting shapes in the sand or on the ground. Use many layers of different raw materials to build onto it. Use this exercise to stimulate creativity and to get an appreciation of nature. Find a picture or two to spark ideas and then let children's natural creativity take over. You may need some string.

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