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There are so many people doing amazing things around the planet and the MINA Foundation is an initiative we particularly admire. Through addressing female hygiene and sanitation they're achieving countless objectives from earth friendly consideration to social upliftment.
The MINA Foundation was founded by three dynamic women with the mission to keep more young girls in school, change their lives and save the planet. They travel globally not only distributing MINA to schools, but also empowering girls with information and mentorship about appropriate female hygiene and sanitation. Having identified that many young women cannot afford the sanitary wear required and that it is often a source of embarrasment and discomfort, they set about finding a solution. This has resulted in, not only developing a cost effective product but assistance and counseling around everything to do with having a  menstrual period. One of the spin-off's of this initiative is that it prevents young women from missing school. 'We are passionate about bridging the gap between classes and life. Our approach includes sessions with teachers and parents. This ensures an inclusive strategy that is mindful of cultural barriers that are sensitive to young girls to this day. Along with a team of phenomenal facilitators, we dive into the lives of the girls with passion and conviction, sharing their expectations, obstacles and feelings with them. We are a team on a mission to 'minarise' the world,' says the Mina spokesperson. WHAT IS A MINA CUP? The Mina cup is a smallish silicone cup which is soft and flexible yet at the same time is resilient. Rather than absorb menstrual fluid, it collects it. Once inserted, the cup creates a vaccuum seal that prevents leakage. It also lasts for up to 5 years which means it is very economical and enviro-friendly. Women using the Mina comment on the easy, drama free and painless experience. It's also known to be efficient and can be cleaned with water or sterilised in hot water. BECOME A MINA SUPERHERO If you want to contribute to this amazing initiative, you can do so in many ways ' through volunteer help, through donation, through converting to using a Mina or spreading the word about Mina. For more information or to get invovled log onto www.minacup.org. DID YOU KNOW? The Mina cup is a 100% medical silicone cup designed to use during the menstrual cycle. Unlike normal tampons it is re-usable and enables women from all economic sectors a more affordable option for feminine hygiene.

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