Hearty Goji Balls

Peter and Beryn Daniel from Soaring Free Superfoods share their favourite recipe combining goji berries with raw cacao from the Magic of Superfoods.
1 cup goji berries
  1. Grind goji berries into a powder using a power blender. They will go sticky, but this is what gives the balls their chewy taste, so go with it!
  2. Blend the soaked, pitted dates with half a cup of the soak water into a date jam.
  3. In a food processor, grind your almonds until they reach a crumbly consistency. Set two tablespoons of ground almonds aside for rolling the balls in later. Add all the ingredients together, including the date jam, and pulse in the food processor until well combined into a doughey consistency. Roll into balls and coat in chopped almonds.
TIP: When rolling the mixture into balls, dip your fingers in water ' the mixture won't stick to your fingers as much. THE IMPORTANCE OF ORGANIC GOJI BERRIES: To find goji berries that are organic and free from pesticides is a lot harder than you may expect. Soaring Free Superfoods has learnt a lot about goji berries over the past 10 years. There was even a period of about 2 years where they completely stopped selling goji berries, because it was impossible to get truly organic one's. Even organically certified products, depending on the certifying body cannot always be trusted to be 100% free of pesticides. Soaring Free Superfoods have strict procedures concerning importing and distributing goji products. 'Firstly, we have a sample sent over from our supplier which is tested, once it is confirmed as containing no pesticide residue, only then do we place our order, says Beryn. 'On arrival of the order, another cross section sample is sent for analysis. Once this sample is confirmed to be clear, our gojis go off to be packed. This ensures a 100% organic, safe and pesticide free product. This is a reflection of our commitment to bringing you the best.' THE IMPORTANCE OF REAL RAW ORGANIC CACAO Finding truly raw cacao is also a challenge. Most suppliers say their cacao products are raw if they are manufactured from raw (unroasted) cacao beans. What's not known is when the cacao beans are processed into their variant forms they undergo high friction and the resultant heat destroys sensitive nutritional elements like enzymes and antioxdants. This is like buying highly refined and heated olive oil versus quality cold pressed olive oil. The high heat version is obviously cheaper but less likely to deliver the nutritional value and health benefits. The Soaring Free Superfoods Raw Cacao range is guaranteed to be processed truly raw. This means careful temperature control from start to finish to get the fullest, most intact nutritional profile you can wish for. Once again, this is the Soaring Free commitment to bringing you only the best.

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