Kalahari Salt & 70% Dark Chocolate

by Honest


  • Handmade in Cape Town 
  • Ethically sourced Cacao


Single Origin

All our cacao beans come from organic farms in the Kilombero Valley region, Tanzania.

Direct Trade

We buy directly from Kokoa Kamili, a central fermentation facility in the Valley, who work closely with small-scale farmers in the region.

Bean To Bar

We make chocolate from scratch. We sort, roast, crack, winnow, grind and temper.

Micro Batch We hand temper small batches of chocolate on a granite slab and we wrap each bar by hand.

Flavour Notes

Dark fudge brownie, sweet and savoury.


Organic Cacao Beans*, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Kalahari Desert Salt. *Certified Organic


Store in a cool dry place.

Dietary Summary

  • Suitable For Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Certified Organic

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