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Looking and feeling cool and confident during and after exercising is not only possible but will motivate your workout. We share some hair, makeup and wardrobe tips to get you there.
KEEP IT NATURAL Many of us ladies know just how mortifying it can be to find a raccoon in place of a woman in the change room mirrors after a decent workout. To prevent mascara and foundation from running down your face as you get your sweat on, either remove your makeup before exercising or go for a fresh-faced look with a tinted moisturiser or mineral foundation, waterproof mascara and some tinted lip balm. An added benefit of going completely bare faced is that makeup can clog pores as you sweat, resulting in blemishes. Mineral makeup is a good alternative for acne-prone skin, as it provides coverage without blocking pores. COOL IT DOWN Remove excess shine and freshen your face while working out by wetting your towel with water from your bottle and blotting your face with the dampened towel. TONE IT DOWN Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout to lessen your chances of turning into a tomato mid-lunge. Investing in a refreshing facial mist or a good light mineral face powder can also help. PULL IT BACK Use a stylish thick headband to help keep sweat from running down your face. TIE IT UP You can't go wrong with a sleek low or classic high ponytail as an exercise staple. Cornrows are a fabulous option for keeping hair in place, and a scarf can help tame hair with lots of volume. Apply a good natural gel to the crown of your head to keep flyaway hairs at bay, or update your ponytail by adding texturising spray. The ballerina or messy bun is also a favourite because it really works, keeping hair up and off the face and neck. Short hair can be tamed with a thick headband. SMOOTH IT OUT Wearing a flattering outfit can motivate you to go to the gym or exercise outdoors. Black is a safe option for people of all shapes and sizes. Black tights or shorts and a sports bra can be softened with a looser-fitting brightly coloured top. A short-sleeved top and mid-thigh shorts with a relaxed (but not baggy) fit are a good choice for both men and women, while more heavyset people can wear compression shorts underneath to relieve chafing. WRAP IT UP Wearing the wrong bra size or a bra not suited for exercise can not only lead to problems like back, neck and breast pain, but also affect the appearance of the breasts, both short- and long-term. Make sure you wear a well-fitted sports bra to ensure you are getting the support you need. KEEP IT CLEAN Reapply your deodorant just before working out and opt for clothes made from lightweight, breathable materials like polyester, nylon and spandex to avoid sweat patches. OUR WORKOUT WONDERS
  • Mii Skin Loving BB Cream - Look naturally radiant all day long with this beauty balm and foundation complete with built-in primer, light diffusing particles and moisturising amino-rich soy extracts.
  • Badger Lip Tint & Shimmer - Enhance colour and then apply shimmer with this 100% natural two-in-one balm for pout perfection.
  • The Victorian Garden Chamomile and Orange Toning Freshener - Cool and revitalise the skin with this nutrient-rich floral spritzer.
  • Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Wet Wipes - Blot away the shine and refresh your skin with these organic wipes enriched with bioactive properties formulated to quickly soothe the face and hands.
  • Enchantrix Nourishing Hair Gel - We love this sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly gel that works on wet and dry hair. It also smells like orange and geranium.
  • Crystal Fresh Natural Body Deodorant Spray - This convenient spray-on refresher is effective all day long, and leaves no sticky oils or gels on your clothes.

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