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Over the past 10 years, Africa has been the continent with the highest global net loss of forests in the world. The staggering average loss of 3.9 million hectares per year is even more concerning when considering the fact that the Afromontane forests are said to have some of the highest biodiversity significance in the world.

Announced in March 2019, the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration aims to accelerate ecosystem restoration action worldwide. Forest restoration, when implemented appropriately, helps to restore habitats and ecosystems, and is an effective, nature-based solution to climate change.


An award-winning non-profit organisation headquartered in Cape Town, Greenpop works to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards through forest restoration, as well as urban greening, food gardening, and environmental awareness projects across Sub- Saharan Africa. Founded in 2010, they have planted over 200 000 trees and inspired over 356 000 active citizens across South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania to date.


At Wellness Warehouse, we aspire to enable individual health journeys that have a positive impact not only on our society’s collective wellbeing, but on that of our earth, too. As South Africa’s leading natural health and wellness retailer, we recognise that we have a responsibility not only to mitigate the environmental impacts of our business, but to move towards the regeneration thereof. Through ongoing strategies and partnerships, we have put a roadmap in place that seeks to contribute to a conscious and sustainable world for all. Through the cornerstones of community upliftment and awareness; knowledge sharing and education; zero harmful waste; local and ethical product sourcing and local greening initiatives, we are 100% committed to nurturing a deeper level of reciprocity between humans and nature.


Our partnership with Greenpop is a cornerstone of our Green Journey, and we are grateful to be able to play our part in the reforestation of our continent.


“Our alignment with Greenpop was a natural fit for us as a brand, as we’re passionate about collective wellbeing - which includes the health of our beautiful planet,” shares Wellness Warehouse Marketing Manager, Kate Aitken. “We admire the work they have committed to doing over the years, and we wanted to support however possible. We look forward to the continued strengthening of our partnership with them. As businesses, we need to be responsible for promoting responsible consumption - and we need to give back when we extract.”


Wellness Warehouse Organisational Development Manager Olivia Badach adds: “We have chosen to partner with the Greenpop team due to their extensive knowledge and experience with reforestation and urban greening projects. It is important for us as a business to align with environmental partners who, besides their passion and genuine care for addressing the climate crisis, know what they are doing and do it well. We love the inclusive, educational, and community approach that Greenpop nurtures when rallying the human spirit around positive environmental and social impact actions. Our partnership with Greenpop is, in essence, one that brings together and highlights the importance of the wellbeing of both inner and outer landscapes, and the interconnectedness of humanity and environment.”


We have planted over 1 000 trees with Greenpop to date, and invite customers to join us in our ongoing efforts by choosing the Greenpop donation option at checkout when shopping with us online. Most recently, we partnered with them over Black Friday – or Give Back Friday - through which we committed to planting 417 trees, and called on our customers to help us double that number.  We have also committed 10% of profits from the advertising of our in-store broadsheet to their tree planting efforts.


Moreover, it has been an honour and a joy for us to contribute to their annual Reforest Fest and Eden Festival of Action, and we encourage our community to join us at their exciting events each year.


“Our partnership with Greenpop allows us to take action that extends beyond just the donations for trees - we are able to participate and get directly involved in ‘nourishing inclusive communities’ as part of our sustainability commitments,” explains Badach. “The regeneration of the natural environment is a collective responsibility that requires community and partnership to achieve positive and sustainable impact.”


At last year’s Reforest Fest, we joined the Greenpop team and tribe in planting 5064 indigenous trees at Bodhi Khaya Nature Reserve in Stanford.


Greenpop Cofounder and Director Misha Teasdale shares the inspiration behind the festival: “At Greenpop, the aim of hosting our restoration festivals is to bring about a deep sense of stewardship in those who attend, and to inspire collective action amongst these individuals and communities. Through this, we also support the Greenpop Forests for Life program in helping to protect and restore forest landscapes. To date, tens of thousands of people have attended Greenpop events over the last decade, in support of multiple restoration initiatives. These individuals come away inspired to take individual action by getting active, not anxious for the planet.”


Join us at Bodhi Khaya from 7 – 10 April for a tree planting celebration that’s fun for everyone. You can help Greenpop plant thousands of trees while enjoying a diverse array of entertainment for the whole family. Think interactive art and theatre, live local music, and more. There will also be a host of inspiring and informative workshops, talks and classes, as well as deliciously wholesome food on offer…including at the Wellness Café!


Visit to get your Reforest Fest tickets, or to learn more about Greenpop and how you can join us in the treevolution!

“Wellness Warehouse strives to help you live life well but because we are retailers and not medical practitioners we cannot offer medical advice. Please always consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements, complementary medicines or have any health concerns and ensure that you always read labels, warnings and directions carefully, prior to consumption.”