Keep Adapting Your Workout'Here's Why

There is no Ideal Routine?If your current exercise regime routinely comprises the same types of exercises and activities, your margins of experience and comfort are limited. That means the breadth of your fitness and abilities are also limited. By constantly changing your workouts you grow your margins of experience and develop a far broader base of fitness.
DID YOU KNOW? Research by Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye shows that the body can reach a plateau during training known as homeostasis. Selye produced a theory known as the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) which outlines how the body responds to workout stress. Beginner exercisers usually have a great improvement as the body reacts quickly, muscle growth is induced and strength increases from intermuscular, intramuscular, and neural adaptations. After some time, the body adapts, and it becomes harder to achieve the same rate of change. Adding variety to workouts helps prevent adaptation.   Variety is the Spice of Training Research shows that those who begin a traditional gym-based exercise programme, 60% drop off within three months! One of the most common causes is boredom. Changing your workout is not only important for fitness, it's essential for adherence as well.   5 Tips to Fuel an Active Lifestyle 1.    Find a fitness facility or a coach with a big picture approach to health and fitness; one that keeps your movement regime fresh and exciting. 2.    Try a new sport every winter and summer. Sports are less predictable than training so it's a wonderful opportunity to test the fitness you develop during training. 3.    Get to know people from different training groups and join them frequently for workouts. 4.    Participate in organised events like park and trail runs, and do some obstacle courses. 5.    Make changes all the time before you get bored. It's often difficult to develop consistency once you are already bored. Start mixing it up now. Bio and Contact Details Imtiaz currently heads up one of South Africa's original CrossFit affiliates, CrossFit Jozi, established in 2010. He uses a holistic approach that includes the CrossFit method of training, tailored nutritional advice, and lifestyle choices like sleep and recovery to guide people to better health and fitness. Tel: (011) 454-3348 Email: [email protected] Website:  

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