Keeping It Real with Twiggy

Meet our cover model Tshepang Mollison (Twiggy).
What do you think sets you apart as an online influencer? I don't see it as my job, but as my life. I'm just living the way I normally would, working only with brands I love and being the online bestie who can give straight-shooting opinions and advice. I keep it real by being myself. If my mom doesn't like it, I don't cover it. How do you feel about being under continual public scrutiny? You need to be truly comfortable with yourself before you put yourself on a public platform like social media. I'm lucky in that I grew up knowing my worth. I am so comfortable with myself that even the countless rejections I experienced when I first started modelling didn't derail me. Luckily, there is also a lot of diversity in terms of what's beautiful these days. I won't get long hair, for example, even though it's trending. I'll also never fish for compliments. If I'm feeling beautiful, I'll literally say so in my caption. It's not arrogance - it's just that I don't need the validation of others. Where does the name Twiggy come from? My best friend in primary school used to call me Twiggy, because I was awkwardly skinny. I used it as my handle when I first opened my Twitter account, and it just stuck. How do you stay sane in a hyper-connected world? I talk to my mom every morning. She keeps me grounded. My family will constantly remind me that they're not followers on Instagram. I'm also able to switch off completely when I'm with my friends (my high school sweethearts, as I call them). As for my best friend, she's like my journal. She's in a completely different industry and is great at helping me get into a really reflective space. Instagram // @twiggymoli facebook // @SleeplessinSoweto website //

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