Khayelitsha Kindness

In 2008, thousands of diseased, starving, injured, neglected and abused animals lived and died in Khayelitsha. Tamsin Nel, Founder and Director of the SA Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust(SA MAST), joined forces with a small team to vow that this would not be allowed to continue.

With the support of a small pool of committed donors, the SA MAST team built a tiny sterilisation clinicin 2009. Today, they boast a hospital with wards for sterilisations and ill and injured animals; a surgery; consulting rooms; treatment stations; ambulances and even a kennel building operation. They have collected, sterilised, vaccinated, treated and returned thousands upon thousands of cats and dogs to grateful Khayelitsha residents, finally managing to reverse the over-population epidemicwith its attendant consequences.

This was all made possible by monthly contributions made by individuals in their private capacity, as well as the assistance of small businesses, corporates and philanthropists. 

Continuing their invaluable work means keeping the hospital running, employing and training staff, purchasing and maintaining veterinary equipment and putting fuel in their patient vehicles. If you’ve always wanted to help both animals and people in need, a small monthly donation can make all the difference to their efforts. You may even want to join the SA MAST Kennel Club, which relies on membership fees to build and distribute kennels to dogs throughout the community. Aside from helping to fund the purchase of materials and employment of kennel builders, your membership will allow you to attend networking get-togethers, make new friends and join the team in celebrating all the good done by SA MAST.

To learn more about SA MAST and make your contribution, visit

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