Kids and Creativity

All children love to create art and make things. In younger children, playing with arts and crafts inspires creativity while helping them to focus their mind and complete a set task. Older children can begin to gain an understanding of artistic and design skills that may affect their future educational choices.
An art or craft based gift will always be appreciated. Child psychologists, doctors and teachers realise the importance of using creative skills to stimulate children's minds and give them a fantastic opportunity to express themselves in their own unique way. They are given the opportunity to work with colour and form and with different materials to create their own piece of artwork giving them a sense of achievement and also giving them the opportunity of appreciating other friends' artwork. Shoot for the stars Shoot for the stars with this totally cool rocket science kit. Detailed instructions and all the materials you need are here to inspire young rocket scientists. When vinegar is mixed with baking soda inside the rocket body, a gas called 'carbon dioxide' is formed. As the chemical reaction continues, more and more of the CO2 is produced inside the rocket. When the rocket body can no longer hold the gas being produced, the only place it can escape is through the bottom of the rocket. The result is 'thrust' which forces the rocket to fly upwards. And guess what? This is the same principle of motion science as a real rocket demonstrating Sir Isaac Newton's Law of Motion. This amazing science toy flies up to 50 feet high! This is a great way to participate in a fun learning project with your future scientist! For Ages 7 & up Cosmic Rocket Party in your bathtub Whether it's everything at once or just a little at a time - it will be the craziest tub party of your life. With colour, more crackling and more fun in the bath tub - this has everything that you need to have a great party in your bath tub! The beauty of this is that it does not stain the bath tub, it is preservative free, gluten free and is dermatologically tested. Comes in three different options: Bathwater Colour, Bath Confetti & Crackling Bath Tinti Party Painting Soap Catch all those bad dreams Create your very own dream catcher and hang it next to your bed. They say it catches all the bad dreams but lets the good ones through, allowing you a peaceful night's sleep, after an exciting day of play. Ages 5 & up. It Contains 1 hoop 4' in diameter, 1 bag of colored beads, 3 feathers, 1 silver cord, lacing, white glue & detailed instructions. Sparkling Dream Catcher Glow in the dark Great for the 'science' enthusiast in the family. Kit includes planets, stencils, squeeze glow paint pen, rods, string, a fact-filled wall chart and 10 sets of Kidz Quiz? questions. Age 8+ years For ages 8 & up Solar System Mobile Making Kit

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