Lights, Camera, Action!

We chat to our April cover model Lemogang Tsipa, star performer in the film 'Beyond the River' just launched in South Africa.
How did you feel making such a ground-breaking film? It's surreal being a part of such an amazing project - to think that out of all the wonderful talents in our country, the creators of this film felt I would be the right guy for the job. It was an honour. At times it felt like my responsibility was something greater than my ability but in the end through hard work and support we made it happen. How do you stay energised on set? I listen to a lot of music and try to conserve my energy by not using it unnecessarily. If something doesn't add to the process of making the story I avoid it. Mental fitness is the key to sustain, not only the mind (concentration, emotions, flexibility, etc), but also physical stamina. Are you naturally sporty? Yes I have always shown a keen interest in things that require me to use and push my body. In high school I tried to participate in almost every sport the school offered whether I was good or not. What is your favourite training regime? Calisthenics (body weight training). It is my new obsession. I far prefer it to 'free weight' training. It's a lot more challenging and I find that it's not as taxing on the body in the recovery process. What is your favourite Wellness tip? Eat like a prince, train like a king. In other words eat clean and push yourself in your exercise regime (you must get better every day).  What motivates you to stay healthy and fit? There are multiple reasons. Firstly, because it is a part of my lifestyle, and as a result it makes me feel good. I'm a #FitnessAddict. Secondly, my occupation requires me to have a certain aesthetic appeal, which I stick to and adjust depending on the project. What is your favourite healthy food? Anything from the garden. In other words all fruits and vegetables.

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