Love Getting Older

In a society obsessed with youth and anti-ageing, have we lost perspective on loving ourselves at any age? According to Dr Bruce Goldberg, author of Look Younger, Live Longer (Llewellyn) anti-ageing or should we say 'youthing' can be wired into your consciousness with a good dose of awareness.
'Your mind', Goldberg maintains, 'is the most powerful weapon against premature ageing.' To live in this concept he recommends focusing on the body-mind connection. This can increase the health and vitality of our organs. Consciousness, he believes, is the true foundation of all we know and perceive. 'The beliefs you hold, whether deliberately chosen or indoctrinated, create a model for interpreting and structuring reality.' This is your personal reality paradigm or, more simply, your viewpoint towards life. When we are locked into a certain viewpoint it limits our capacity to observe, integrate, predict and act. Most people accept and live with the idea they are going to grow old and die. We often believe that because a parent had a particular disease, we will die from the same disease. Experiments show that if we can change our beliefs, we can change the state of our health. By expanding our awareness to the point where anything is possible we can expand our consciousness to defy statistics. Shifting perceptions can slow down the ageing process just as the placebo effect can cure patients. Besides our thoughts - attitude, beliefs, reactions and assumptions all play a part in creating your reality. Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements says, 'Ninety-five percent of the beliefs we have stored in our minds are nothing but lies, and we suffer because we believe all these lies.' One of these lies that we believe and practice and reinforce is that getting older is getting uglier. We then judge ourselves and others, trying to hold on to the way we were. did you know? According to Dr Bruce Goldberg, our awareness through consciousness creates the biochemistry and anatomy of our body. It is the forgetting of our true consciousness nature that results in ageing. Use Goldberg's 10 principles to work with your consciousness and slow down the ageing process:
  • Eliminate the tendency to judge others and especially yourself.
  • Do not seek external approval.
  • Live life in the present moment and appreciate it fully. Let go of the past and do not worry about the future.
  • Let go of all anger. When you do this you will facilitate your own healing.
  • Be love motivated rather than fear-motivated.
  • Be at one and have acceptance of the infinite scheme of things. Practice hypnosis and meditation to attain this goal.
  • Eliminate negative foods, drink, drugs, and toxic emotions from your life.
  • Pay attention to your intuition and spiritual insights.
  • Remember that everyone you meet, whether the meeting is a positive or negative experience, is merely a projection of your consciousness. It is what you most dislike that you most deny in yourself. What you most deny is what you most wish for in yourself. Use this to guide your spiritual growth.
  • Empower yourself in every way you can.
Goldberg maintains, 'Conscious mental activity can affect the things of the physical world ' including the organs, tissues, and cells that compose our bodies. Mind is an irrefutably genuine factor in the process by which health and disease unfold themselves, and this includes the process of ageing.' While our culture highly values youth, according to Proverbs 16:31, the gray hair of an older individual is a crown of glory, attained by a righteous life. A leading gerontologist cites the Japanese concept of value of self-worth (ikigai) as crucial to growing old positively. More than self-worth, Ikigai is one's reason for being, the discovery of which brings satisfaction and meaning to life. Everyone, according to the Japanes, has an 'ikigai'. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self. This search is regarded as highly important, as the discovery of one's ikigai brings satisfaction and meaning to life. Life purpose and satisfaction stops the feeling of resignation that brings on ageing. Lecturer Matsumoto runs a class on Japanese culture in America. She says her students are intrigued by the concept of 'ikigai' which has distinct differences to the American reality of older people who are often stereotyped as frail, lonely and disengaged from society. Think about our ageing rockers Mick Jagger, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Townshend and more, rocking their hearts out, some close to 70 years of age. They still perform with passion and abandon indifferent to how many wrinkles, gray hair or scars they have. All of them have a lifetime of following a strong purpose and passion living with abundant creativity. The point being that a strong life mission and personal accomplishment can make ageing less traumatic. Dorothy Sander, journalist from the Huffington Post says,'You can choose to be a legend in your own life by choosing to live it fully. We can choose to follow our hearts, our passions, our creative drive, whatever it is and wherever it leads, thumbing our noses at society's expectations and our own'. Perhaps it is all about ceasing to count the years or at least stopping making them count, and starting to live from the inside out, rather than focusing on the outside.

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