Love Water Sparkling Water Love 440ml

Credit: from R2 per month


LoveWater will not only quench your thirst but you will enjoy an overwhelming feeling of warmth and belonging. You cannot give or receive enough love. It is the key ingredient to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.


Crystal clear natural spring water infused with the power of intention of Love, Peace or Abundance. With this water you can raise your vibrations and set your intention to think positive and live a healthy, balanced life


Our water composition is: Ca (Calcium) 2.7, Mg (Magnesium) 4.8, Na (Sodium) 3.6, K (Potassium) 1.5, Cl (Chloride) 50, SO4 (Sulphate) 5.4, N (Nitrate) 3.6, F (Flouride) <0.1, Fe (Iron) >0.1 Al (Aluminium) >0.1, Total Alkalinity 13, TDS 166, 0.45 Micron Filtration, Ph 6.2 Bottled at Source: Paarl, Western Cape

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